About Jonathon

IMG_0473Jonathon is a 31 year old male living in northern Surrey. He lives in Surrey with his girlfriend Monica who runs Heartmade Beejoux. Born in Guisborough in 1984, he and his family (mum, dad, older brother and cat) moved to West Yorkshire in the early 90s. He attended a theatre school from age 12 to 18 before going to Lancaster University to study computer science. After university he moved to London to seek fame and fortune.

Professionally he is a freelance photographer for theatre, the arts and entertainment industry shooting documentary, editorial and publicity stills for events and live productions of all kinds; he is Head of Infrastructure for Fubra Limited, a Hampshire based new media company; he maintains a couple of WordPress plugins; and has worked with some of the country’s leading web companies on a range of projects as well as taking on freelance work as a web developer. He also works with a number of traditional media, theatre and arts organisations to develop and maintain their online presence. He has been known to dress as a costume character for Q20 Theatre.

His interests range from photography and computer science to politics (generally, but not always, relating to the UK and Romania) and theatre. This blog has, over the years, meandered slowly around all of these and currently shows no sign of settling down on any particular topic.