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With the first weekend of September well underway it’s time to look forward to the films which we might take in this month. As we leave behind the summer and people start to return from their holidays the upcoming releases are starting to look much more appealing that the August set. The first wave — from 4th September — we have of course already seen and I have linked to those items in my movie database with the listing.

4th September

American Ultra – between the two of us we gave this mixed reviews. I thought it was surprisingly good — a little off-beat, with humor and enough action. Admittedly it was all pretty much just about fighting, and this lead to Monica finding it long and boring. I was also surprised to find out that is had a $28million budget — if felt kind of indi.
No Escape – perhaps “Escape via Vietnam” is more accurate. To give him his due Owen Wilson is actually not bad in a film well out of his comfort zone.
The Transporter Refueled – this film got a panning from the critics, but it was just about what I expected: crime, shooting, driving. The pathetic rock-throwing fight at the end made us both laugh, though.
Me And Earl And The Dying Girl – heartwarming teenage drama about death. Again. One to add to the DVD rental list I think.

9th September

Legend – this one’s being trailed heavily at our local Cineworld. Tom Hardy plays both the Kray twins in what critics have called a tour-de-force (but then when don’t they call Hardy’s performances that?). “I can’t do that, he’s my brother.”

10th September

The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials – the second of the teenage dystopian “trilogy” sequels to be released in 2015 (the first being back in March with Insurgent). At least the Maze runner series is going to be a true trilogy, even if there will be a year gap in 2016.

11th September

The Visit – this seems to have been a long time in the coming. We’ve been seeing trailers for this for months. As I frequently comment to Monica: if I were a grandparent and my grandchildren came to stay, I think I’d behave like this just to freak them out.

18th September

Bill – we haven’t seen a single theatrical trailer for this (it’s here), but a bit of grown up sillyness about William Shakespeare can’t be all that bad, can it? Besides, it’s a BBC film.
Everest – is the big release of the weekend. All being well we intend to treat ourselves to the BFI IMAX for this one.

25th September

Miss You Already – no doubt we’ll see more of this film as the month rolls on. Another grownup film, this time about life, family and illness. It’s a maybe, but there’s really only one other thing out there this weekend…
Solace – the one which we never can remember the name of. Ever seen The Mentalist on TV? This seems like a similar premise. Colin Farrell plays a good psychological-type baddy well usually, and of course Sir Anthony Hopkins is in it, so we should be in for a half decent film.

30th September

The Martian – sneaking in to the end of the month comes Matt Damon. Lost in space. Again. Just one single poster teases this at our local Cineworld, and it’s been there for months. I have no doubt that we’ll start to see a big pre-launch run up to this film as the month wears on. (Also, for Romanian spotters, look out for Sebastian Stan.)

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