I think I know what I want…

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I have two sides to me: one artistic and one scientific.  I’ve always had this.  At college I studied sciences – physics, maths, computing – whilst before this I attended a theatre school.  At university I read computer science but spent a lot of time at the radio station and some time with the theatre group.  Now in work I am a photographer but make a considerable amount of my living from web development.  I’ve always tried to balance these sides out, but it’s tough.

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A birthday and the theatre

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Phew, it’s been longer than it should have been.  I was going to tell you about the drinks with Dana, Tim and co. a couple of weekends ago and I also need to catch up with last week and end.  So here goes.  I’ll try to be brief! [read more]

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Little Shop of Horrors

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It seems I only ever write this when I’m on the train.  Maybe because all the rest of the time I have access to the internet and can always find something ‘better’ to do.  Maybe because I generally don’t have anything interesting to say other than when I’m on the train because it generally means I’ve been somewhere interesting.  This weekend was interesting. [read more]

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Tooo long again, but here is another update!

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Ooops, its been a bit too long…I’ve had quite a lot on, and I just sort of have forgotten (I have not done any diaries actually – even the one for the project that I am doing has been left…while I have been working on the thing :-\ lol.
Anyway, hmm, well its the holidays this week (half term), but I haven’t really stopped.  Tomorrow is about the only day that I haven’t got anything really to do, so I’m going to use it to rest and I think change my bed and some college work.  Probably just sleep. [read more]

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Short one about the weekend

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Les Mis was great!  It was really good all round, a good little trip, and well worth it!  One thing though, from a technical point of view – at first it was too loud (not just turned up too loud, but sounded to be stretching the system), but then in ‘Bring Him Home’ the lead microphone popped and seemed to loose a dynamic channel.  It meant it was quieter, but also that it sounded not quite as good through the sound system.  It didn’t matter much to us, because we were at the front (3 rows back), but I imagine it was a loss further back.  It did it again a bit later on as well, but didn’t seem to loose much, still an audible pop, but that was near the end, so it didn’t affect much.  Other than that, it was great! [read more]

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Theatre Festival 2002!

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It was fun, for the most part at least…a lot happened…

We went down on two mini buses this year (instead of the train like before, because of the costs and the awkwardness of changing and things), and its a good job we did because on the day we were traveling there was a strike on the London Underground which we would have to take for part of the journey if we did go by train.  On the way there I was in Laurence’s minibus.  I sat next to Ginger Emma originally, but just before we set off the person who was sat between Tracy and Lawrence in the front asked me if I would swap with her.  I thought I might as well, so I sat up front with them.  It was a bit of a squeeze, not much leg room where I was, but I got all the way to the services where we stopped for lunch, and then Matt swapped with me (much to the dismay of the other two in the front, lol, apparently, he was just talking constantly.  To tell the truth, no one at theatre school actually likes Matthew – on the Sunday I went shopping with Lawrence, and he described him as ‘the most irritating fat bastard he has ever met’, which I think describes him well, lol).  Anyway, as we got close to the place, and off the M25, we were following the other minibus, and they went the wrong way at one of the roundabouts, and we got lost.  Because Matt was in the front, and had the map, everyone on our bus blamed him (it wasn’t his fault at all, because we were following the bus in front of us, but that’s not the point, lol).  He got all the blame, then someone said that we didn’t get lost when I was in the front (not that I directed them at all, it was all on the motorway, following signs to London), and they started a chant of ‘Who do we want? – Jonathon, When do we want him? – On the way back!’  It was quite amusing.  We got there at about 3.30 on Thursday afternoon. [read more]

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End of college year, and other things

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I did have other things to say, just little things, but I forgot them…hmm, lets try…

Well, first off – I had my last lesson of this year on Tuesday. So I have officially finished college for the year. It seems strange that this first year is over, it still doesn’t feel like a year, it doesn’t feel anywhere near long enough, and they expect me to have done well in the exams after what seems like only a few months? Well, it’s gone, and when I get back I will be heading into the work for the A2 levels (actually, in the last 3 weeks we have started on that, but not done much really, most notable I suppose is the maths where we have got though the whole of the first sort of topic already). So, that will be fun, but I also think that I will have to resit some of the modules in January, we will see. I was talking to Kirsty on the bus on Thursday after a conference I went to (about UCAS forms, and the personal statement part. It wasn’t exactly great fun, but it was useful, and I think should help. The best bit was getting to read the example forms from other people, always a good laugh) – she has moved from our college to one in Huddersfield, and she was saying that she wasn’t happy at all about some of her exams, and I know that there was a bit of messing about with IT, so she was saying she thinks she will have to resit that at least. So that is college, just one other thing I have to comment on is the grass on the lawns at the front of college – when the grass isn’t growing fast they come along and cut it almost every-other day, but as soon as the weather is nice for growing grass, they leave it, so that when I try to cut across it to speed my way to college, I have to push though knee length grass…*sigh* [read more]

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