Tooo long again, but here is another update!

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Ooops, its been a bit too long…I’ve had quite a lot on, and I just sort of have forgotten (I have not done any diaries actually – even the one for the project that I am doing has been left…while I have been working on the thing :-\ lol.
Anyway, hmm, well its the holidays this week (half term), but I haven’t really stopped.  Tomorrow is about the only day that I haven’t got anything really to do, so I’m going to use it to rest and I think change my bed and some college work.  Probably just sleep.

Ok, so last weekend I stayed with Natalie and she stayed here Sunday night to Monday, and then on Monday Ben came round to master our CD (the first one of our band).  That went on too long…really too long.  I don’t mind doing it a bit, but then when Ben comes round and spends like 8 hours non-stop doing that, it just gets a little too much.  Don’t get me wrong – I like him, and its fun doing that kind of thing, but he is one of those people you just get fed up with after a few hours (well, I do at least).  Anyway, we got it done (all 3 and a hidden track of it, lol), and I ran off a few copies for him and some people who he was giving them to.  We have a live performance on Saturday in the evening at Neal’s house for some friends (some, I think there will be about 25, lol)…sooo that will be fun :-\  Sooo…hmm, Tuesday I went into my mum’s work to do some of their computers, so that was a long day.  Wednesday I went with Natalie to Lincoln to look around the uni.  I liked it a lot – I thought it was a really nice city, and the University was all new and nice as well I thought – the accommodation was better than a lot I have seen.  The library wasn’t all that good though, and I wasn’t impressed with the times that it was open – only 8.30 until midnight, and not 24 hours.  Nat says she will put York down first, but that’s up to her, and that’s a nice place too.  Its a long way away though – three hours each way on the train (and £23.20 return), and so that was a long day as well…but it was nice, I enjoyed it and it was a fun day out with Natalie.  Today was the performance night for out competition piece with Theatre school.  I know I haven’t much talked about it (but that’s because I haven’t much written, lol).  Anyway, we have been working on a one act play called ‘Us and Them’, and we entered it into the Dewsbury One Act Play Festival.  Its stretched over 3 nights and we were in the middle (second night, second of two shows, lol) – tonight.  After all the performances each night the adjudicator speaks about each performance, and he was really positive about ours(!), he seemed to like it…which is a good sign I think, hehe.  We have to wait until tomorrow to find out who won, but I’m going then as well to see the other one of our groups which Natalie is in…and then Kathy and me can go and make our acceptance speech, hehe.

And now I will go to sleep (I really feel like I need it, lol).  I’m sure there is more to say, but I don’t remember, so I will write that if I do, hehe.

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