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Over the years I have spent time blogging in a few different places with varying different levels of success.  My first (reasonably successful) attempt started way back in 2000 over at Open Diary. For about 3 years, as I went though college and into university, I wrote pretty regularly about my life and day-to-day activities in general. I seem to have run out of steam when I started to get involved more heavily with things at university. (Or perhaps I just became a lazy student.) Thankfully I had the foresight to take a backup of my diary when I stopped writing and have kept hold of that backup — passing it from one computer to the next — through the years.

Now I have settled on writing here, a site I have had since about the same time I stopped writing at the Open Diary, I have decided to go back through and add all those entries to this blog. There are a lot of entries over the years I was writing there so it’ll take some time to finish uploading (and proof-reading, and spell checking) them all, but I’m working backwards from 15th November 2003. The old posts start here.

I think it’s also worth mentioning that I made some good friends (who, sadly, I have since lost contact with for one reason or another) while writing on the Open Diary, and I have a backup of their comments too. Where there are comments I have added them to the bottom of the posts using the names they had on the site at that time. While I appreciate this can sometimes make it difficult to keep track of people when they changed their names, I feel it best represents how things would have been back then.

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