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I’ve been experimenting recently with creating some voice recordings of the content of this blog and adding them to the bottom of each post. By the time you read this post it will, all being well, have it’s own narrated version at the bottom. Give it a try. As well as recording my recent more substantial posts, such as this one and this one, I have jumped back in time and recorded some posts from my Open Diary days which I have been slowly adding to this blog, such as this one.

I’m really doing it for two reasons: firstly it gets me back up to speed with audio editing software, something which I knew better when I was at university thanks to my time with Bailrigg FM, and secondly because it gives me practice narrating. I’ve been looking at doing some voice over and narration work recently and have voiced a couple of advertising videos in the last month or so. Given that practice makes perfect I set off looking for content which I could narrate. After looking for a while, and trying some bits and pieces out, it struck me that I have a whole load of content here on my blog and that, given it’s written by me, should be pretty easy to translate into my own voice. I will at some point soon graduate to reading other people’s work perhaps by choosing a book to narrate from start to finish but that’s a little daunting so I won’t make any promises.

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