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Guess what I mean…yes, blah, exams!  Well that’s all that I have left now – General Studies, and two Physics exams.  I finish on the 26th (I think it is – a week on Thursday), and then that’s it until uni (this is the plan at least, lol).  I had computing today, but I’m not going to talk about it…its not worth it, however well I did will be found out in the middle of summer.

The problem with not talking about exams though is that it doesn’t leave much to talk about, because I’m not doing much else at the moment.  About the most exciting thing I can talk about is the weekend…so here we go…a detailed account 😉

Saturday morning I got up at the usual time to get off to theatre school, and was out of the house for quarter to 9.  I got to the crossing in Sowerby Bridge just in time to see the bus shoot into the bus stop.  Now I normally try to meet Ben on the bus, and he normally gets that one, so I ran across the road and in front of it so it didn’t go (which it didn’t still for about 5 mins after I got on anyway!), and got on.  Sure enough there was no sign of Ben on the bus, so I rode to Halifax by myself.  He went at a right crack, the bus driver, and I got there really early.  It was Gala day in Halifax on Saturday, so it was a little busier even at this time, and there were no-parking cones everywhere.  When I got to theatre school I sat and talked to people before we started.  We did stage fighting (and I had taken my camera with me to take pictures), and it was good fun.  Alex and I did a slightly slapstick fight at the end.  It was really good fun.  Afterwards we went in our usual group to KFC, and all had our usual Saturday lunch.  Then we made our way to Coffee Calis (although it was a bit odd – one group of people went ahead saying they would meet us there, then Natalie and I went via a card shop to pick up a father’s day card for her dad and went…and they weren’t there.  So we sat and waited, watched the Gala precession go by from the cafe, and then Prav and Zack turned up, but no one else showed up, and Natalie had to go to work), and finally Prav and Zack and I went to the library so I could show them the pictures I took last weekend of Prav and Ben eating a KFC cleanup tissue (umm, don’t ask).  After that I came home!  In the afternoon I scanned in the photographs that I bought off Frank at theatre school (which ended up taking ages because I scanned them in at a high resolution and ended up having 35megs of photos per image to get across from one computer to another…hmm).  In the evening I went with my mother to photocopy her orders of service for Sunday.  They have moved the parish office to what used to be the school (which has now closed and been put together with another one), and it has an alarm system.  We worked out in the car what to do to turn it off, and went to put our plan into action.  One silly thing about that alarm, though, is that you have to get into one door, which sets the alarm off giving you 20 seconds to get to the keypad and put in the number, and then unlock another door, and put the number in the keypad which is behind it.  We managed, but very nearly didn’t!  Anyway, we did the photocopying, and set off to the church to put the copies through the door for the choir.  On the way there, we realised that we had left the orders of service in the office, and would have to go back for them.  We called in on the way home, and picked them up (having unset and re-set the alarm another time, lol).  That was Saturday.

Sunday was actually about as eventful – I planned to get up to get my father a father’s day card (that I meant to get the day before, but forgot) early, but I didn’t.  I turned the alarm off and went back to sleep.  When I got up my mum was looking for the orders of service that we had done the night before, but couldn’t find them.  She was panicking about it, and in the end when she couldn’t find them (having claiming to have looked everywhere including in her car) set off to photocopy some more.  Soon the phone rang, and she reported that the photocopier had broken, and had we found them.  No, we hadn’t.  So my father set off to see if he could help with the mending it.  This was ideal for me, because I could go and get his card without having to make up an excuse for going out on a Sunday.  So I made my way to Halifax with the plan of going into Smiths and a) getting a card for him, and b) seeing if I could by a book (I forget the name, but its some of Eeore’s sayings, hehe).  As I got to Smiths my mother rang me on my mobile asking if I had found the orders of service in my room…I hadn’t.  Nor could I find the book I wanted, and nor did Smiths have any cards…so I moved on to Woolworths and they did have cards (yey).  I bought one, and came home the scenic way with plenty of time to spare.  That was about all I did on Sunday…except to forget to give the card to my dad (hah!  No surprise, so much effort, and I forgot…typical me lol), and revise.

I gave my father the card today first thing so he didn’t think that I got it today cheap…and he seems to like it, so its all worked out well 🙂

And that’s it.  I told you I haven’t done much of interest.  I’m actually surprised I managed to write for so long about two days…but I did…sooo, lol.

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Before you know it, *POOF* exams will be over! lol. Best of luck, altho, I know you’ll do fine, cuz you rock and stuff! lol. Much love!!

As Always-

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