Christmas shopping

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Hmm, yes, yey, lol.

I have started it now though, and I have got a good idea what I am going to get for people…except my grandma.

I have been out shopping today and bought some nightwear for Natalie, which is nice.  I know my parents want some bins (hmm, thats what they asked for, so I will get them, lol), so I need to get those…probably be able to get them from Halifax at some point, so thats ok.  Other than that, Im a bit stuck.  My mum is thinkning about grandma for me, and I will keep my eyes open, sooo…we will see.

Looking forward to the holidays which start next Wednesday, so I can be with Natalie.  I miss her.

But thats about all I wanted to say, sooo…

Posted on Thursday 12th December, 2002 at 12:00 pm in Life & Love, Open Diary.
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So, what did you get me for Christmas, huh? lol. Love ya!!!!

Posted on 12th Dec 2002 at 12:00 pm by Only_Hope.

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