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Ooh, back again, just in time to see March out…and again I can’t think of a title for the entry, lol.

It’s all because nothing is happening, so I have nothing to write about.  College rolls on and on (and on, and on, etc.).  I just can’t wait to get out…and I think everyone I know feels the same – its not just people at my college, people at my old school feel the same, and people I know at other colleges feel the same.  It’s just time for us all to move on, and find something different to do.  Something different like Uni…but I need to get there yet…that’s the thing – I have to work hard now when I don’t want to, and don’t feel enthused to, in order to get to there where I will want to.  Blah, life is hard 😛

I’m still working on my computing project, but I think I will have it done tomorrow or Wednesday (at least I damn well hope so – its already taken a day longer than I wanted it to, although, granted I didn’t work at it as much as a planned last week (going out and all that…actually, did I talk about that last entry?  I don’t think I did…on to that in a second), lol.

Last week then – well I had set the whole weekend to do my computing project, but a couple of things came up.  A friend of mine from Theatre school has gone off to India to do some charity work (teaching English), and he had a leaving do-thing on Wednesday.  It was in a pub in Hebden Bridge from 3.30 until they closed.  I went at about 6.20 (that’s when the bus left Halifax), and got there at about 7.  I was kind of hoping to meet other people from theatre school before going, but that didn’t work out…so I went alone.  When I got there, there were lots of teachers from the school where he is an assistant, and I kind of tried to join in with their conversation (they didn’t know me, and where perfectly friendly, but I didn’t say much).  There was also someone who was the same age as me there, but I had never met before – Emma.  She apparently also goes to Calder High.  At first she thought I was a teacher as well (heh, do I look like one? lol), but after we got over that, we talked about what we were doing next year and things.  She then went because she had school next day.  I talked to the teachers again (about land and houses in France this time…), and finally other people from theatre school arrived (Emma, Kathy and Bryonie).  We all talked for a bit about various things, I got a picture of them with Josh before Kathy and Bryonie left, and then Emma and I talked again for a bit, and to some other people.  A little later on someone who used to go to theatre school arrived (apparently not knowing about Josh’s thing), and I talked to her for a bit (a very little bit, lol), and met her b/f (who, actually, goes to my college, and I have seen him about a bit, and even more surprisingly was a Claire’s party however many years ago – the one with the window 😉 …its odd how things like that work out, lol).  At about 11 I went home.  I was going to get the last bus at 11.17, and walk the rest, but Emma offered me a lift with her mum who was picking her up at 11…so I actually got a lift to a bit closer to home than the bus would have got me, and walked the rest then.

That wasn’t actually the last going away thing there was for Josh – we actually arranged to meet the next day (Thursday) at Coffee Calis (old haunt after saturday mornings, lol), and just talked and messed about a bit.  That was good because we got a few more people from theatre school to go to that – Ross, Emma, Simon, Bryonie, Prav and Natalie for a bit, in the end.  That was about 4 until 5.30 when we got thrown out of the place, lol.  I think I have something for the topic now 🙂

Hmm, and thats about all I can think of I have done.  The bus fares have gone up again, but I have started to get a weekely ticket for £8, which saves money, and is alot easier to use than having to get money every time.  Oh, and I saw some people cutting the grass in a church yard the other day, and it made me wonder if there is anyone who does St Mary’s grass…so I asked my mum to find out, and if there isn’t, I will do it when the weather is nice 🙂

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glad you had a good time…just reading because im having a break off my english cswork and im bored lol.anyway,
love you

Posted on 31st Mar 2003 at 12:00 pm by Natalie.

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