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I have been meaning to write this for a while now, but I havnt got round to it, never mind, here it is –

We just got the TV working again today  – the ariel had been nocked out of place by the very stong winds that hit on Friday evening.  It was mad, just seemed to come from nowhere.

No warning or anything, I was just talking to my parents in the snug, when I saw that is was raining.  It rains alot, so thought nothing of it (why would you).  The electricicty in this house flickers on and off sometimes in the wind and rain and things, and the lights flickered a little, so I thought I would come up here and turn off my computer so I didn’t loose the work I had on it, so I came up, and was saving things and shutting it down, when the rain suddenly got really bad, and I mean really bad.  As my mum said – when you looked out of the window it looked as if you were under water, with the rain driving at the house.  The wind also go up, and just got worse, as I looked out of my window I could see the trees bent right over in the wind, it was really strong.

Because we live on a hill, the water always runs down the road at the front of the house, but I have never seen it like that before – it was just like a river, pouring down the road.  When I looked out of the window I could see that the top of the tree just ouside was totally missing.

Out the back of the house, the drain had become totally blocked, and we decided that we should clear it, but the water-proof boots were over in the workshop, so I went out to get them.  It wasnt as windy anymore, but the rain was still pouring down, and the whole area was covered in bits of trees.  I got the boots, and came back up, clearing a few bits of branch and things off the road as I came.  I was soaked.  While I was away, though, my dad had got the back drain cleared (grr, lol), but we will keep the boots in the house from now on.

From the house, we could see there was a tree down over the main road, that the police were at, and there was a forklift truck trying to clear it.  We didnt know that there was a tree over the bridge at the bottom of the road.  I went for a wander and found that it had come down and taken the pubs phoneline down with it.  Next door had had both his cars hit by falling branches – one was totally smashed in, apprently, while the back spoiler on the other was snapped, and still is, he hasnt done anyhting about it.

It was really weird, I have never seen anything like it, and it seems to have been very localised – it only rained in Halifax, and the kind of damage that we saw, only seems to have been down our road (though, to be fair, there was a tree uprooted in Sowerby when I went past yesterday with Ben).  The most ironic thing is that, though the fuzz that was our TV reception after the wind hit and moved the ariel, and after we call came in from a quick tidy up, we could just see a weather forecast which gave a sever weather warning for the north…just a bit too late.

So that was fun…about the only excitement I have had recently, just going to college for the 2 days a week that I am timetabled, and doing little else.  I have a total of 3 days left until the summer holidays now, but over the next 2 weeks.

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I’m glad you’re okay!!!! cuz if you weren’t okay…I would be not

Posted on 17th Jun 2002 at 12:10 pm by Princess Amber.

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