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Honestly, the police told us.  Yesterday when I was in the afternoon, my mum came up and said there was a police woman downstairs who was trying to find out if there was anyone who had seen an attempted break in next door. Apparently someone had tried to get into his conservatory, but had been scared off. Now our kitchen looks out straight over his conservatory, and they think that a light coming on in our kitchen scared them off.  Next door went to bed at about 12, and my parents went to bed at about 11, but I went downstairs at 1.30 to put the bread on for the next morning…and put the kitchen light on. I can’t say I realised, or that I saw anything, but they think that me going down to make the bread scared them off, lol.  I don’t think they would have got away with anything if they had got in – the alarm would have just gone off, and they would have gone then – but its always nice to know I probably prevented it.

I haven’t written since Christmas so I will try to get this up-to-date now.

I got all my shopping done for Christmas on the day before boxing day, so that I could just do nothing on Christmas eve.  That’s what I did pretty much nothing.  Christmas day was nice – we did the present thing at about 11 after my mum and grandma got back from church (my grandma always plays the organ on Christmas day). I got a mobile phone, money off my grandma and a wireless mouse (which is great – it gets rid of one of the wires from my desk, and lets me put it out of the way when I need the space to use real paper). After that my mum and I went to make the lunch together. We made a lot of different soft type things (we had to make soft things – my grandma’s bottom dentures are loose and no one seems to be able to do anything about it), including a nut roast which I made 🙂 The rest of the day wasn’t that interesting, there were some good things on TV, and we watched them, then did some lateral thinking puzzles as a group, and that was about it. On boxing day I went to Natalie’s family’s party. They sort of have a thing at a local snooker club. I wasn’t expecting much from it because of what she had said before, and it wasn’t wonderful. They picked me up and we only stayed for about an hour until she finished her drink before we came back here. I gave her the things I got her – pyjamas and hot water bottle – and she gave me the things she got me – an electric shaver which comes with a strange goo to sort of lubricate it (actually, its great – fast and makes my face smell nice, hehe). She stayed here that night. The next day I went to her house, and stayed there. Her mum gave me the things they got me – a projector clock and lots of chocolate 😉

My parents had a get together the Sunday before new year with various family members and Natalie’s parents, and some friends. We were a bit thin on the ground with people actually because one of my dad’s brothers didn’t turn up with his family, but it wasn’t too bad. It all started off a bit slow (with a couple of those silences when everyone stops talking), but when people got more comfortable it went quite well. Natalie stayed that night too 🙂
New year was OK. The day before was actually really nice, but the evening could have been better though. In the day Natalie and I went to the Cinema to see Sweet Home Alabama in Bradford. It’s quite a good film really, and it was nice to go with Natalie. Also, it was only £2.50 for each of us, which helps, lol. I went to a party that Natalie and her parents had been invited to, but when we got there, there were two rooms – one full of middle aged people who all knew each other chatting, and one with kids running about to Ramstein…so we didn’t quite know where we fit in. After a while Natalie, her mum and I went into the back room and talked, which was alright. A bit late on though her brother, who had drunk too much, started to look very sick, so we took him home, and we ended up at midnight sitting in her front room watching Jonathan Ross. It wasn’t bad,…until I pulled the curtains down trying to look at the fireworks :-\

Since then I have been doing work for college. I start back on Monday, and I have some work to do. I did quite a bit of it today, but I have a little more for politics and computing. I’m going to see Natalie tomorrow after she gets out of work, so that will be nice – I missed her so much these last two days.

Now I need to go and make more bread (and who knows, stop more criminals, lol)…soo, I’ll sees you later. I will be more reliable than this in the future, I promise 🙂

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I think I’ll go make some bread now…


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lol I agree with Amber…lol thank you for your note come any time

Love and Chattables

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