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I know it’s been a while since last update, but there isn’t much to say really.

I’m getting on with college, and I have declined a couple of my grades so I have to sit them again – in Physics I am taking the Waves and Nuclear Physics module in January again, after teaching from my nice tutor at home, and Maths I don’t know when I am taking things, but I will be doing, still to work that out.  Talking of my Physics tutor, I am really getting on better in it now with him doing it, he is really, really good, a lot of the things I never really understood with the other tutors I understand with him…which can only be good, lol.

It was presentation evening at college yesterday, and Natalie and I both went.  I didn’t get to sit with her, but our parents met for the first real time (our mothers had met before at one of the Jason shows, but only for a few minutes.  They get on really well, which is great.  We went out to a pub afterwards, and they all got on really well, and now I ask my parents they say they enjoyed it a lot, and that they like Natalie’s parents a lot…its just a relief they do, and it was a bit of a nervous time for us in case they didn’t, lol.  I still have to ask Natalie what her parents think of mine, but I think it will be good.  So that’s that.

After yesterday Natalie came home with us, and stayed here.  It was really nice because I have missed her so much – she needed to go home before comming here to get some clothes for the night, and when we actually kissed for the first time in a while, it was sooo special, just wonderful.  I know you dont want to know about that, but I have to say, it was…hmmmm 🙂

Max Lambert came round with his computer to fix, and we decided he needs a new one, so he gave me £300 to get the parts, and I will do that as soon as I can, and make a bit of money…and I should be getting payed for the last website I did soon, so I will have lots of money which makes a change.  My mum also got me a Matalan form for Christmas, and my dad has filled it in for me (heh, they have no faith that I will get round to it…I wouldn’t, but that’s not the point, they still have no faith, lol), and I have to tell them when I will be able to work, like times, and then send it off, and I have a good feeling about this one, and I think it could be quite fun (for those who don’t know, its a discount clothes chain who have a new, bigger, shop in Halifax), and if I get that, then I will have a constant source of income, yey.

Ah also, on the 30th of this month my parents are taking Natalie and I to Birmingham to see Les Mis, and then stay over night.  That should be a good night 🙂

Hmm, and that’s about it, I think.  I’m going to watch East is East which is on Channel 4 in a bit, so I will sees people later.

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Hey you! Missed ya! love ya!!!

Posted on 21st Sep 2002 at 12:00 pm by starre.

awww! great play, by the way… i still wear my tee shirt of it that i got the first time i saw it when i was about 7…

Posted on 21st Sep 2002 at 12:00 pm by Suicidal Princess.

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