Update 2: The holidays in a nutshell

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Alright, here goes (a lot later than planned, but lets skip over that shall we 😉 ) – the rest of the holiday in a nutshell!

The thing is, I guess the reason why I haven’t written this much over the holidays is because I haven’t been doing that much…so I’ve not felt the need to get on here and write about it.  Anyway, the holidays kicked off (well, kind of, it was a little while into it, but it was meant to kick it off…just I finished earlier than a lot of my friends because they are in the year below me) with a party at Ross’s house.  Actually, Natalie and I had been invited out to a kind of gathering (does that kind of make it sound like a weird ritual, or is it just me…) at Kathy’s house a few days before, but didn’t go.  Natalie went off on a nice cruse with her parents a little while earlier that week, so I would have had to go on my own and things and I didn’t fancy that (not to mention that I didn’t know where she lives and we were only invited like the day before not giving much time).  So, Ross’s party was the first real party this summer (actually, the only one thinking about it!).  I met Ben a little early as he wanted to get some shopping in Halifax before we went, so we did that, and then had some time to kill.  We ended up sitting in the Piece Hall for about 45 mins in the end, just talking (and being hounded by wasps…I think I must look like a flower or something, because I always get attacked by things like that…maybe its the colours I wear :-\ ).  That was quite fun, we talked about lots of things.  Then we got thrown out because they were closing.  So we made our way to the bus station where we were supposed to be meeting everyone.  Sure enough people rolled up and we all gathered.  When Ross finally arrived there was a great deal of buying of alcohol to be done.  It’s strange, I don’t drink, and yet I am always the one given money to buy things like that, and always the one who end up carrying the stuff!  I don’t mind, just strange (heh, I suppose I should be honoured people think I look all grown up, hehe).  After a rather long visit to the shop (with much lengthy deciding what to buy, and then trying to explain to me so I got it right), we made our way back to the bus station to…well…get a bus.  The rest of the night wasn’t much to talk about – usual party stuff – people getting drunk, chatting, messing about, greasy food, computer games (no karaoke this time around), strip poker, loud poor music, and me with my camera to record it all.  I love it…other people don’t at the time…but they do the next day 😀   We stayed over that night watching the TV (there are some amusing programs on at night), and I left at about 8.30am while other people were still half asleep and went home.  Then I slept.  That was a good night.  I enjoyed it.

Early on in the holidays (seems so long ago now. It is so long ago now!) I went on a trip out with Gary and Ben for Gary’s birthday.  Apparently they do it every year, and I know I have been invited in the past but not gone…so this year I had nothing else on, and went.  We went to the Pleasure Beach in Blackpool (I hadn’t been there for sooo long!).  I wasn’t going to spend much money on going, and Ben had told me that Gary had free tickets to the park (an unlimited ride day band is £26), so I agreed to go if I only had to pay the coach fair.  In the end he had free tickets for that as well…so it was all free (well, no, I bought us all doughnuts!).  I’m not a great roller coaster fan, but I’m getting better.  Last time I went there I went on the ‘Rollercoaster’ (great name that one) and the ‘Grand National’, but this time they got me to go on more.  It all started with ‘Space Impact’.  Its a roller coaster in the dark, and they kind of conned me into going on it.  I had no idea what it was like, but they told me it was alright…alright! So I’m gullible!  Its a two person car, and I sat in the back with Gary in the front.  We it rattled down the hill into the dark I realised I had made a mistake trusting them.  Its all inside in the dark with just the odd colourful thing flashing past your head, fast, bumpy, twisty, noisy, actually quite fun.  From then on they managed to drag me on all sorts, and I really had a great time.  One thing I never quite understood was why children’s rides are the most scary and/or dangerous.  There is a ride, the ‘Steeple Chase’ which is hoses you sit on, and they like race each other.  One on one track, one on another.  There was only one track going that day, and Ben and I went on a horse together (hmm, I’m a wimp.  I wouldn’t go by myself…I’d make such a good girl (ooh, no offence there 😛 ).  Actually, I will get onto more about that later).  Gary said that was one of the funniest things he has seen for a while…  Anyway, I’m sure its lethal.  You are belted onto it with just one lap belt and if you slip then you are stuck, hanging upside down from the horse, being dragged along.  I swear, lethal.  There is another ride which is like flying aeroplanes…and that is the most terrifying thing I have ever been on.  I just sank into the seat and I’m sure the person in control left it going on for longer than she should have.  I hated it.  Finally (well, there was loads that day, but I don’t want to go on about it for so long!) they got me to go on Valhalla.  Actually, they got me to go on Valhalla 3 times.

If you don’t know its a big ride with fire ice and water (that’s what the website says, lol), and you go around it in like a Viking long boat.  There are many drops (one backwards), and all of them make sure you get at least a little wet.  On the second time around we noticed that one of the waterfalls you go under didn’t switch off quickly enough (they are supposed to go off when the boat goes under them so you don’t get soaked by them), so the people in the front got wet.  On the third time around we we first in the queue and had to sit in the front.  I sat on the right.  I thought this would be great because there is one drop where the back seats get soaked (it goes backwards down one drop), and that’s where we were before.  I forgot about the waterfall’s timing.  When we got to it…it hit me…literally.  It switched off left to right, I was on the right.  I got water poured on me, right on me.  I didn’t go on the ghost train when the other two did after that ride…I stood outside and wrung out my coat.  I got some funny looks.  Oh, I forgot to add – it was raining all day as well.  It was a great day out.

Hmm, what came next in the holidays?  I don’t know.  I think exams, but I have written about that.  I think next came…oh, that would have been Blackpool 😉  This time Natalie and I went.  This time the weather was a lot nicer.  This time it was different.  Last time it was a boys day out, and I enjoyed it, this time it was just me and her, and I enjoyed that just as much, but in a different way.  We got the train which drops off at the other end of the sea front to the Pleasure Beach, and we walked there.  We got some chips and walked along the beach together.  It was quite warm, and really nice…just walking and eating, and talking.  *sigh*  It was romantic.  I liked it.  The pleasure beach was a lot less…well frantic.  The other time we had been rushing about going on things over and over, but this time we didn’t rush and just took things easy.  It was a really nice day out…I think it reminded me why I love that girl.  I didn’t need reminding.

It’s kind of this point that I forget what happened.  I think perhaps, that its because not much actually did happen.  You know when I say “not much” I’m not counting the hours I spend with Natalie.  The really nice hours and hours I spend with her, the fun, the silliness, the romance, the seriousness, the everything with her…  I think I might just take time I spend with her as granted.  I don’t mean in a bad way, I mean as I just think that she will be there no matter what…and in that way I kind of don’t know what I would do if she wasn’t.  Maybe I should write about it more, I don’t know.  I do know that it doesn’t mean I don’t love her.  I love her to bits…and I just don’t know how to say.

My parents have been off on a couple of holidays over my holidays.  My mum had two weeks off and they got away when they could.  My dad has just got more work though (he is doing some adult education for a few hours a week now), and so they found it quite hard to get out and away.  They went to the seaside for a couple of nights, and they went off to the lake district for a few nights as well.  I’ve not actually been anywhere this holiday, but that’s fine by me – when they have been away I’ve been home alone, which is a nice break sometimes, and Natalie has been to stay with me so we have been able to just snuggle with the fire and the cat.  Its been nice.

And now I’m running out of steam, and yet there is the whole matter of University to talk about…that’s been taking up a lot of my time I guess, what with all the forms and things.  I’ll write about that separately…seems sensible to separate things.  Right now I have been writing for hours, and I think I should try to get some sleep (though over the holidays I have totally swapped my days around so I’m up until like 5 or 6am and then sleep in the day), because I’m going to have to try to get around to real life again in just under two weeks time.  Its been a nice holiday all in all, and its going to be a shame to see it all gone, but I suppose I can’t do very little all my life…reality catches up.

I’ll update again really soon (you never know – perhaps tomorrow if you are lucky!).  Night for now!

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Im talking to you as I write this note, and I promise you and Natalie will be fine! And Im glad the holidays had ups and downs for you, thats what makes life fun! lol. Glad to see you finally updated, and also, caught up with me!!

totally glad to have you back at FOD!!! Whooo!!

Missed you tons, baberz. Love ya! <333


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