and to catch up…

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Ahhh then, what has happend since last time…lets see…

Last Wednesday I had a dentist appointment (which I know I mentioned), and I went, and it was alright – my mum rang ahead and they said there was just one form to sign and that was it.  That wasn’t quite true.  There was a form that I had to fill in about my education, and one about my teeth and dental history (and health in general – allergies, etc.).  So I did that, but I didn’t know when I last went to the dentist (which was one of the questions), so I left it – pretended that I hadn’t seen it, and thought that it wouldn’t matter anyway…so as I sat there in the dentists chair (looking up at an areal photo he has of the town on the ceiling), and I saw him reach for the form, have a glance though it and then he asked me when I last saw a dentist.  It was typical – the one thing that I didn’t know so missed off he thought was the most important thing on the form, lol.  I had to admit that I didn’t know, so he must have known I missed it off on purpose (oh well…). [read more]

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A day of ups and downs…

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Here is a tip – don’t try to do clever Politics essays at 20 past 2 in the morning.  Sometimes I wonder where I went wrong with the time of day I do my college work…Well, I have it done now, and its not tooo bad, but I don’t know, that’s what I think at 3 in the morning, lol.

Hmm, this year, so far, has been pretty bad.  There is a part of me that wants to just start again from the beginning, but I can’t, so I guess I should make the best now…but I do wonder where it all seems to have gone wrong. [read more]

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I have to tell you this!

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I have just been talking to Geraint on the net, and he told me that Ben (W) is going out again…but this time with…well, he made me guess (I thought about it, but I wasn’t sure, so he told me the first letter, Z, and I got it from that)…Zoe!  Now, what is so special about that?  Well, when we were all at school together, Geraint and I noticed that they constantly flirted with each other, and we made a prediction that in the end something would happen.  Nothing did.  Soon enough Caroline came along, and things started to blossom there.  We predicted this time that he would end up going out with her, and sure enough, he did (I don’t know, if you are a long time following you might remember, lol).  We also said that it wouldn’t last too long, and we were right – it didn’t.  Now though he is with Zoe…that prediction from ages ago (ahh, how satisfying!).  I asked Geraint how long he things it will last, and he only gives it a few weeks – they don’t live anywhere near each other, and they don’t go to the same school/college, and we don’t really see how they could see each other unless they go out of their way especially, and Geraint, who goes to the same college as her, informs me she has become a bit of a ‘’, on top of that, as G put it, he does seem to have a knack for getting though them, sooooooo.  Hmm, I didn’t make any prediction (give me time, and I will do, just let me sleep on it 😉 ).  Hmmm, I just had to tell you that, its soo exciting (I’m sure you agree, lol). [read more]

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Prevent crime – make bread

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Honestly, the police told us.  Yesterday when I was in the afternoon, my mum came up and said there was a police woman downstairs who was trying to find out if there was anyone who had seen an attempted break in next door. Apparently someone had tried to get into his conservatory, but had been scared off. Now our kitchen looks out straight over his conservatory, and they think that a light coming on in our kitchen scared them off.  Next door went to bed at about 12, and my parents went to bed at about 11, but I went downstairs at 1.30 to put the bread on for the next morning…and put the kitchen light on. I can’t say I realised, or that I saw anything, but they think that me going down to make the bread scared them off, lol.  I don’t think they would have got away with anything if they had got in – the alarm would have just gone off, and they would have gone then – but its always nice to know I probably prevented it.

I haven’t written since Christmas so I will try to get this up-to-date now. [read more]

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Time for a long update!

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I actually don’t know when the last time I wrote in here was, or what I put, so you will have to excuse me if I say things again, but I will try not to 🙂

Well, since I broke from college I have to say I don’t feel to have stopped (not that it was that long ago).  Wednesday when we finished I saw Natalie for the evening, and then came back to do some college work.  Thursday I didn’t see her, and I needed to get some more presents for Christmas, so I set off at about twenty past 8 to get into Halifax and get the 9.10 bus to White Rose (I thought I would go there, because I might be able to get what I wanted for my mum’s birthday, and maybe my parent’s Christmas presents, and some ideas for my grandma…in the end I came back with none of those).  I got there about 5 to 10, and set about looking round all the department stores for a choppy thing that my mum wanted.  None of them had one.  I wandered about a lot, looked in HMV at the DVDs and some music, bought none of it (actually I thought I would buy one as a present to my self if I got all my shopping done that day…but I didn’t, so I didn’t get a treat, lol), then went on to Woolworths where I bought a chocolate orange for everyone who will be in our house on Christmas day, and then on to Clinton’s for my mum’s birthday card and some more wrapping paper.  I had some lunch, and then set off home again.  I was back by 1 which was quite impressive (hmm, I say that, but it was a long time to buy some chocolate oranges, lol). [read more]

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Christmas shopping

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Hmm, yes, yey, lol.

I have started it now though, and I have got a good idea what I am going to get for people…except my grandma.

I have been out shopping today and bought some nightwear for Natalie, which is nice.  I know my parents want some bins (hmm, thats what they asked for, so I will get them, lol), so I need to get those…probably be able to get them from Halifax at some point, so thats ok.  Other than that, Im a bit stuck.  My mum is thinkning about grandma for me, and I will keep my eyes open, sooo…we will see.

Looking forward to the holidays which start next Wednesday, so I can be with Natalie.  I miss her.

But thats about all I wanted to say, sooo…

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Work (mainly)

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Hmmm, I just had what I think was one of the best weekends of my life.  It was just perfect.  At the end of it I didn’t want Natalie to go home, I just wanted to snuggle up with her again and spend another two days with her.

But first, I haven’t written since last weekend, and I need to get all up-to-date…I worked last Sunday, and it was good fun actually (hmm, I say fun, but I suppose it wasn’t ‘fun’ in the usual sense of the word, but still fun in a strange sort of way, lol).  I was in 9.45 until 4 (they open 10 till 4 on Sundays over peak season).  I was working with John (the senior salesman), Gary (one of the other salesmen who I know from when I was at school), and the deputy manageress person (who’s name I can’t remember at all).  I was introduced to the warehouse and shop floor, and started off in the small cupboard in the corner of the shop putting all the games in alphabetical order (they were just in a random order before, but they are all in alphabetical order now…or at least were last Sunday, lol), then the deputy manageress and I went up to the warehouse and get some cables which were needed on the shop floor and we got some other things as well, just to stock up.  She showed me how to use the till (although I didn’t have a pin for the system, I had to use Gary’s) and priced them all up, stuck stickers on and security tags, and put them out!  One thing I don’t like about being on the shop floor, is that people kept asking me things…some people I helped (like the lady asking about speaker wire, and the lady who wanted to know the price of two printers) but most I had to hand on to other people.  In the course of all this I had to run up and down the stairs a few times to get things for the sales people who had sold things, which was useful for finding my way about the warehouse, lol.  We stocked up again, and then towards the end of the day I was set on to changing the tags from white to yellow (they change them every 6 weeks to show trading standards they check the prices regularly apparently)…and that was my day at work.  We looked at when I was meant to be working again, but the rest of the week on the rosta was blank (except Monday which was crossed out…), so I called in on Monday to ask Simon (manager) when he wanted me next.  He didn’t know, said he would ring in the week, didn’t, and so I called back on Friday and asked again.  He said 2 – 5 on Wednesday (which is the day they get their delivery), so I imagine that I will be in the warehouse then…have to see what happens.

Oh, apparently one of my friends from theatre school has put me on, and I have a 7.2, but I’m still looking for me…I might get the name he put me on with at some point, just to check up, but until then I am going to keep looking, lol.

The rest of the week has been pretty dull, with nothing exciting happening at all, until this weekend…and I think I will write about that in the next entry, just to break it all up a bit 🙂
Read on 😉

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This weekend

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It’s been wonderful, really, really nice.

On Saturday, I went to theatre school as normal, and met up with all my friends and Natalie, then we went off to Burger King as usual, and ate.

Natalie was supposed to be going on on her work’s Christmas party (and I was supposed to be shopping with Ben for Christmas stuff while she was there), but it was cancelled, so we had the whole day together.  We went to visit her grandparents, and then… [read more]

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Parents evening, Natalie, work and a CD

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I have been meaning to do this since Tuesday now, but just haven’t got round to it…so, here goes…oh, and you know what it is all about now from the title…I think I should come up with some more original ones, I’m just not very good at them!

The week at college has been pretty dull with just normal college type of things going on.  It was also parents evening yesterday, which my dad went to by himself because my mum was on a conference.  It was just what I thought it would be – a waste of time.  Kevin (my politics teacher), was in a meeting when my dad arrived, and then had to dash off (even though he had appointments), so my dad was told that he would ring today (or yesterday now…but I’m calling it today because I have been up since – its still my Thursday, hehe).  Duncan (physics) told him what he told him last time that they spoke, and David just said I was doing fine, and that he thought I would do well in the kind of thing I want to do at Uni (actually, I didn’t know this until today when my mum told me (my dad didn’t tell me, but told her and she told me…), but he apparently said he thinks I should do a PhD…but I’m not too sure, how does Dr Jonathon sound, lol 😉 I don’t think anyone can say that I should do one at this time in my life!).  So I think my dad thought it was a waste of time evening as well. [read more]

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Birthday!…Yesterday anyway

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Hello again from college! I’m waiting for Natalie to finish her maths lesson, and then I am going to see her (I only have computing on a Wednesday, so I can see her when she finishes), and I’m sort of doing my computing work as well as this (the analysis that has to be in for the end of next week, which I only started today (although not all my fault – the people I am doing it for still haven’t got back to me, so I’ making it up 😉 )). [read more]

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