GCSE Media Studies: JelGel: a New Product for a Fourteen to Sixteen Year Old

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This project is a little different to the essays I have published previously. As part of the coursework relating to the (additional, extra curricular) GCSE media studies course I studied, my friend and I designed a new product line aimed at fourteen to sixteen year olds. The aim of the coursework were to design the packaging and an advert for the product. Sadly I don’t have the finished product any more, but I do have both our planning document and the final evaluation. As always, this is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial 2.0 UK: England & Wales Licence.

At this point I’d like to tip my hat to both Julie Patrick (look, she has co-authored a book about studying film) and Triestina Bozzo (now head of the Creative/Media Arts Faculty), both excellent drama and media teachers at Ryburn Valley High School. I’d also like to point out that when I attended the school it was not a specialist “Media Arts” school — these things didn’t exist — and that myself and a friend were the first people at the school to do video production as part of our expressive arts coursework. I’ll try to publish that one day. We were, one could argue, pioneers. [read more]

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Müller cherry

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Does it strike anyone else as slightly disturbing that the current Müller Corner advert starts off with a lady singing the line “I’ve got my berry, got my cherry…”? This point is reinforced a little later in the advert by another lady repeating “I’ve got my cherries”.

I would have thought that the alternative interpretation of this phrase would have dawned on someone, either at Publicis or Müller, well before the advert made it to mainstream television!

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