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Well not much has happened – I haven’t done much because there hasn’t been much to do.

Natalie has been working a shift from 12.30 – 3.30 last week (Monday to Friday anyway), and is this week too, so I can’t see her in the week, and I don’t have much to do in the week…but we spent the weekend together, which was nice, very nice.

My parents went off for the weekend to this sort of relaxation weekend in the North Yorkshire moors, and so I was alone with the cat at home.  Natalie first invited me to stay over at her house when her dad went out for the night on Friday, and her mum and brother were on holiday with her grandparents, but I couldn’t because of the cat, so she came here instead.  It was a really nice evening.  I met her from work, and we went to her house to let her get her stuff and have a quick clear round before her mum got home, then we came up here.  We were going to go for a walk, but after that, and having something to eat it was quite late and we wanted to watch the final of BB3.  We watched the first half of it from the snug, and then moved upstairs for the second half, and watched it in my room, all snuggled up in my bed, it was lovely.  Saturday we got up really late.  One of her friends rang her on her mobile, and they were talking for ages, so I thought I would potter outside and cut the top lawn while they talked, but just as I was about to start she came out.  Anyway, I cut it, then we sat outside in the sun, and I gave her the present that Emma had given me to give to her for her birthday (lol, late I know, but its been in my room for ages).  We sat out in the sun with the cat for most of the afternoon, and never got out for a walk like we planned…but it was nice, and I think it would have been too hot anyway.

Sunday I went to her house.  It was nice weather again, and this time we did go for a walk.  We went down to the school fields a little way from her house, and lay on the banking in the sun, it was nice, but we had to go because the dog was getting too hot and she didn’t have anything to drink.  Still it was lovely.  When we got back we had a barbecue. I don’t eat anything off them, but her mum made me an omelette which was nice, and then I had a doughnut. We also washed up in the end, after a lot of convincing Nat dried.

They have a swing-ball game, and its great fun…especially because I am actually quite good at it.  I hadn’t played it before then, but I beat them all, which was very satisfying, hehe… I’m feeling it now though, I ache in my arms and my back.  It made me want to play tennis again actually, but I doubt I will get chance any time soon.

Today I went into Halifax with Ben and Scott…then came home, hung the washing out for my parents, then went back to bed.  I was really tired because I went to bed late last night, and then had to be up early today to go to town and meet them at the bus station for 10.  Still, I did get about an hour or so this afternoon, so I’m alright now.  I will get an early night tonight too, because I don’t have much to do tonight, and I think that if its nice weather I will go for a cycle somewhere tomorrow…but I think they forecast storms for tomorrow, so I will see.  Wednesday I think I am going to Ben’s, so then I only have Thursday with nothing to do, before Friday, and I hope I will get to see Natalie – we are going somewhere on Saturday (to be decided), so I think one of us will be staying at the other’s house then!

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