Update 2: The holidays in a nutshell

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Alright, here goes (a lot later than planned, but lets skip over that shall we 😉 ) – the rest of the holiday in a nutshell!

The thing is, I guess the reason why I haven’t written this much over the holidays is because I haven’t been doing that much…so I’ve not felt the need to get on here and write about it.  Anyway, the holidays kicked off (well, kind of, it was a little while into it, but it was meant to kick it off…just I finished earlier than a lot of my friends because they are in the year below me) with a party at Ross’s house.  Actually, Natalie and I had been invited out to a kind of gathering (does that kind of make it sound like a weird ritual, or is it just me…) at Kathy’s house a few days before, but didn’t go.  Natalie went off on a nice cruse with her parents a little while earlier that week, so I would have had to go on my own and things and I didn’t fancy that (not to mention that I didn’t know where she lives and we were only invited like the day before not giving much time).  So, Ross’s party was the first real party this summer (actually, the only one thinking about it!).  I met Ben a little early as he wanted to get some shopping in Halifax before we went, so we did that, and then had some time to kill.  We ended up sitting in the Piece Hall for about 45 mins in the end, just talking (and being hounded by wasps…I think I must look like a flower or something, because I always get attacked by things like that…maybe its the colours I wear :-\ ).  That was quite fun, we talked about lots of things.  Then we got thrown out because they were closing.  So we made our way to the bus station where we were supposed to be meeting everyone.  Sure enough people rolled up and we all gathered.  When Ross finally arrived there was a great deal of buying of alcohol to be done.  It’s strange, I don’t drink, and yet I am always the one given money to buy things like that, and always the one who end up carrying the stuff!  I don’t mind, just strange (heh, I suppose I should be honoured people think I look all grown up, hehe).  After a rather long visit to the shop (with much lengthy deciding what to buy, and then trying to explain to me so I got it right), we made our way back to the bus station to…well…get a bus.  The rest of the night wasn’t much to talk about – usual party stuff – people getting drunk, chatting, messing about, greasy food, computer games (no karaoke this time around), strip poker, loud poor music, and me with my camera to record it all.  I love it…other people don’t at the time…but they do the next day 😀   We stayed over that night watching the TV (there are some amusing programs on at night), and I left at about 8.30am while other people were still half asleep and went home.  Then I slept.  That was a good night.  I enjoyed it. [read more]

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Finally back to college!

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It was really back to college today, finally, but as always with our college, it was a bit of a waste of time…I went in at 10, and met Kevin at the front who told me that we were in a different room because they had found asbestos in our old room (hmm, nice to know after I have been using it for a year, lol).  So I was there by myself at 9.  I sorted out what I was going to do, and my new timetable by about ten to 10, and then went up to a meeting with Charlie at 10.  That was about 10 minutes long, but that was supposed to be the time we were in college for (no one had told me we were supposed to be in at 10, and not nine).  So after that we all, as a group, went back down to our room, and went though all the things that I had already been though – a total waste of time for me.  Anyway, he kept us until about 12 then let us go. I could have gone at just after 10, but anyway… [read more]

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