This Week Just Gone

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Wow, well, a lot has happened this week, its been a busy week (umm, this is last week I am talking about, lol).  It started off quite nicely with just rehearsals for the show we are taking to Epping on Tuesday, but it has had a lot of things go on since.

I don’t remember if I have written about Natalie’s birthday party in here before, but I can’t remember and so I will put it again (if you read it already, you can skip this paragraph 😉 ).  We were planning on going out to the Dusk ’till Dawn restaurant (the place Emma had her party) with people from theatre school and a few others, then come back here.  That should have been Thursday, and I went off to White Rose on Saturday to buy clothes with Nat and her mum on Saturday (I know I talked about that).  Now, Emma said that she would book the place, and had said this for a few weeks when, on Tuesday, she told Nat that, apparently, couldn’t afford it and that she was working (she works at McDonald’s.  Its quite funny, she works at McDonald’s and Ben, her b/f, now works at KFC, so wherever we go to eat we can get a reduction, hehe) that night so couldn’t come.  That also meant that she hadn’t booked the place and for some reason best known to themselves, it also meant that Ben couldn’t go either (do you see any logic in that?). [read more]

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End of college year, and other things

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I did have other things to say, just little things, but I forgot them…hmm, lets try…

Well, first off – I had my last lesson of this year on Tuesday. So I have officially finished college for the year. It seems strange that this first year is over, it still doesn’t feel like a year, it doesn’t feel anywhere near long enough, and they expect me to have done well in the exams after what seems like only a few months? Well, it’s gone, and when I get back I will be heading into the work for the A2 levels (actually, in the last 3 weeks we have started on that, but not done much really, most notable I suppose is the maths where we have got though the whole of the first sort of topic already). So, that will be fun, but I also think that I will have to resit some of the modules in January, we will see. I was talking to Kirsty on the bus on Thursday after a conference I went to (about UCAS forms, and the personal statement part. It wasn’t exactly great fun, but it was useful, and I think should help. The best bit was getting to read the example forms from other people, always a good laugh) – she has moved from our college to one in Huddersfield, and she was saying that she wasn’t happy at all about some of her exams, and I know that there was a bit of messing about with IT, so she was saying she thinks she will have to resit that at least. So that is college, just one other thing I have to comment on is the grass on the lawns at the front of college – when the grass isn’t growing fast they come along and cut it almost every-other day, but as soon as the weather is nice for growing grass, they leave it, so that when I try to cut across it to speed my way to college, I have to push though knee length grass…*sigh* [read more]

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