More shops close (and one opens)

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I noticed just now while out doing my weekly shop in town that the local camera shop, Wellington Cameras, has closed leaving another empty unit in the high street.  The first thing which crossed my mind was that it’s a shame that another independent camera shop has been forced to close.  This one seemed to be a very traditional shop selling cameras and telescopes and things, and I would presume has been there for quite a while.  Thinking about it though, I’ve never been into the place and this is what I do for a living.  I can think of two other professional photographers around here and I recon they probably do the same as me — shoot in digital and buy their kit from specialist online retailers.  It’s a shame to see another shop close in the high street, but I suppose I didn’t do anything to help it.  I also noticed another empty unit further along the street, although I can’t remeber what that shop used to be.  This is on top of the mobility shop at the top of the high street which closed a few weeks ago, and one of the travel agents on Victoria Road which moved out probably 3 or 4 months ago now.

On a (perhaps slightly) brighter note, the site of the old Woolworths store has now become a ‘99p Stores‘ shop.  It’s good to see the place isn’t empty, but a bit of a shame nothing of any better quality has sprung up — while this 99p shop seems better than the other one in the town (it’s a chain for a start, so I’d guess has bigger buying power), it is the second the town has.

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