ISTA High School Festival, Calderdale, 2010

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So that’s it, it’s all over. It’s been hard work, but great fun. I’ve met a great bunch of people, and never seen such a dedicated group of young people working towards a common goal before. If anyone feels the need to do down young people I’d invite them to spend the week at one of the ISTA festivals and then re-evaluate their opinion.

I did discover one thing though – I’m no good at networking. This causes something of a problem in my industry.

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This Week Just Gone

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Wow, well, a lot has happened this week, its been a busy week (umm, this is last week I am talking about, lol).  It started off quite nicely with just rehearsals for the show we are taking to Epping on Tuesday, but it has had a lot of things go on since.

I don’t remember if I have written about Natalie’s birthday party in here before, but I can’t remember and so I will put it again (if you read it already, you can skip this paragraph 😉 ).  We were planning on going out to the Dusk ’till Dawn restaurant (the place Emma had her party) with people from theatre school and a few others, then come back here.  That should have been Thursday, and I went off to White Rose on Saturday to buy clothes with Nat and her mum on Saturday (I know I talked about that).  Now, Emma said that she would book the place, and had said this for a few weeks when, on Tuesday, she told Nat that, apparently, couldn’t afford it and that she was working (she works at McDonald’s.  Its quite funny, she works at McDonald’s and Ben, her b/f, now works at KFC, so wherever we go to eat we can get a reduction, hehe) that night so couldn’t come.  That also meant that she hadn’t booked the place and for some reason best known to themselves, it also meant that Ben couldn’t go either (do you see any logic in that?). [read more]

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