Pointless Entry

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I wanted to go out today, but its just been stormy all day.  I suppose that we had to expect it after the nice weather that we have had, but it was the one day I wanted to go out.

Hmm, so what have I done?  Not much, in fact this is going to be a pointless entry, but that’s just the way it is, lol.

I got up at about 10.15, and came on the computer, in fact with all the time I spent on it today, I have nothing to show for it at all.  When the storms started I came off to stop my computer from getting fried, and I watched the Commonwealth games.  It is alright to watch every so often when I’m bored, I saw some swimming, some bowls and some squash…good fun 🙂  Then I went over to the workshop and drummed a bit, just because I had nothing else to do.  When I came back I was just washing my hands, when the rain suddenly came down in torrents.  When it rains the back drain blocks, so I put on waterproofs and went out to clear it.  Good fun.  Came in, had some food, went to bed for a little sleep, then came on here.  Good fun.

Hmm, so that’s me, lol.  Ben and Emma are…well, I don’t know.  After their split up, Ben said they were back together…but apparently Emma says they are not (that’s what Nat said she said).  Today Emma was supposed to go to Ben’s, and ring him at about 1, but she didn’t, so he is confused…sooo…as I say, I don’t really care anymore, I am going to sit back and watch and enjoy myself.  When they come to me all upset, I’m not going to care, I have had enough, I’m not going to be supportive, I have done that enough, and they keep pissing, about.  I know it sounds awful, but I have had enough, let them be silly, and I am going to watch…and I’m not changing my mind…that’s what I am going to do!

There you go, a pointless entry.

Posted on Tuesday 30th July, 2002 at 12:00 am in Obiter dicta, Open Diary, People.
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