September 2015 Films

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With the first weekend of September well underway it’s time to look forward to the films which we might take in this month. As we leave behind the summer and people start to return from their holidays the upcoming releases are starting to look much more appealing that the August set. The first wave — from 4th September — we have of course already seen and I have linked to those items in my movie database with the listing.

4th September

American Ultra – between the two of us we gave this mixed reviews. I thought it was surprisingly good — a little off-beat, with humor and enough action. Admittedly it was all pretty much just about fighting, and this lead to Monica finding it long and boring. I was also surprised to find out that is had a $28million budget — if felt kind of indi.
No Escape – perhaps “Escape via Vietnam” is more accurate. To give him his due Owen Wilson is actually not bad in a film well out of his comfort zone. [read more]

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August 2015 Films

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Monica and I recently reached the 1 year anniversary of being a Cineworld Unlimited Card holder. After a year Unlimited Card holders  are privileged to be upgraded to premium unlimited. In reality this means you get a little bit more of a discount at the snacks counter, free access to 3D films (in the first year of membership you have to pay a 3D uplift) and a slightly smarter black membership card.

As part of this we have been tending to go to the cinema at least once a week on Friday after work, and this involves planning. On Tuesday Cineworld announce the film times for the weekend ahead. It’s only then that we get to see if the film we were hoping to catch that weekend is actually going to turn up in Aldershot. The best website we’ve found for checking out upcoming films, and how likely they are to be shown at our local cinema, is the Film Distributors’ Association’s UK film release schedule.

We’ve found the site is only complete with dates and venues about a month in advance, so at the start of this month I decided to take a look at what films we might try to catch this month: [read more]

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UCA Student Filming

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We got a note through the door a couple of days ago about a UCA student film due to be made in the car park which my desk overlooks. It’s not the first time the car park has been used for student filming — a couple of months ago a scene was filmed at night involving a car — but it is the first time we’ve been told in advance. I guess it might be as a result of the use of an imitation firearm. (Incidentally, I doubt that the story involves an imitation firearm as stated in the note. Rather I suspect that the story involves a real firearm for which they are using an imitation one.) So far I have spotted the British policeman, but not the firearm.

[read more]

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Long entry, but I want to catch up

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Well I have so much to write about!  I’m starting this now (just gone 1am, Monday morning), but I bet I don’t end up finishing tonight, lol.  So here goes…

Well, its the holidays from college now (yey) actually has been for the last week, but I don’t seem to have had much rest – my computing project was supposed to have been in for the Friday that we broke up, but it wasn’t despite my staying up all night on Thursday to attempt to get it done.  I took what I had done of it (something like 27 pages) to David my tutor on Friday and told him that he could have that now, and I would give him more as I got it done (ie, over the weekend), or I could give him it all in one go later.  He said he would be in college on Thursday so I could get it to him then.  That was great, and so that’s what I did.  It still wasn’t finished though, but this time it wasn’t my fault – the people I made the system for didn’t get back to me with feedback quickly enough to be able to put in an appraisal – and I didn’t want to spend loads of money on a print out of my program listing for the appendix when I can do it free at college!  So I took the rest of it in on Thursday.  When I got there I found that the staff room was totally deserted, and on his desk was Paul’s project as well.  I don’t really know if that’s a good sign – had I missed the time he was in, so he will get it really late, or had he just not been in that day meaning that it wasn’t my fault?  Either way, I left it on the desk and went.  In the car park I helped to get a car going, and then went on clothes shopping. [read more]

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