Christmas and New Year

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Welcome to 2009, if a little late.

To be honest I don’t have much to write about over Christmas and New Year.  Christmas day was spent at my brother’s house in York.  My parents collected my Grandma on Christmas eve, she stayed at their house for the night, we went to York about lunch time on Christmas day, and then my parents took Grandma home again that night.  I got to stay at my brother’s for the night.  That was OK in the end.  I was a little worried about how that would go — my brother and I aren’t really all that close, although we do get on well, and I’m not really all that talkative — but it turned out fine.  We played a board game which I won, and my brother’s wife got a little bit tipsy which made conversation go a little more easily. [read more]

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4th November, 2002

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Hmm, well I have a day off tomorrow because the college lecturers are all on strike – they want the same pay as school teachers, which seems a little over the top to me seeing as they don’t have half as difficult job…but anyway, they aren’t working, so we all get a day off, lol.  I do have to go into college though, because I need to renew my books in the library (I’m annoyed that I didn’t think of that before so that I could have done it when I was in anyway, but I didn’t), so I’m going to go in, and while I am there I will do some work on the computers I think.  While I’m in Halifax I have to take a letter for my father into the town hall about planning, and I think I will go and call in on Natalie (yey, hehe). [read more]

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