Update 1: That maths story

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OK, here we go.  No more putting it off, no more saying I’ll do it and then not doing, this is actually it…I’m going to catch up.  Alright, so last time I posted I was writing about my exams and I had two more to go, and I promised that I would write about what happened with my Maths exams so where better to start…

The background to the story goes back to last year and exams then.  I sat Maths AS level way back then and didn’t do really well (that’s all written about in here, and is all gone now *tries not to remember*), so I decided to resit it this year, and went to my tutor, Joy, to ask her to tell the exam board not to accept my results.  This was a little difficult because I had missed the time that the forms had to be back with the exams office, so I had to go across there and sort it out myself.  Joy rang across and told them I would be coming and gave me the code for the door (amidst much patronising “don’t tell anyone” and “wash it off your hand when you have finished”).  So I went and cancelled the results all ready for this year.  Early this year, aware of the fact I needed to work on my maths, I went to see Joy to talk about some lessons and what I should do about it.  She suggested that I start to come to lessons after the Easter holidays when she would be doing revision groups and that I would get the most out of them having done the course before. [read more]

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Back to college tomorrow

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*Yawn*  Hmm, I dont know why, but I’m so tired today!  I slept in for ages, and it wasn’t as if I got to bed that late (hmm, must have been about 2…hehe), and I slept yesterday afternoon, but I’m still tired, don’t know why.  Anyway, I’m going to be in bed by 12 tonight (that was the plan anyway) – it’s back to college tomorrow, and although I don’t have any lessons untill 12.45 tomorrow (because of this new 2 day timetable thing), I still have to be in at 9 for what will be, I’m sure, a total waste of time meeting.  I don’t know what I will do with the rest of the time I have to spend before tutorial.

This holiday has gone too quickly.  I suppose its because of the very long weekend at the beginning of the week (the Jubilee), mainly.  But anyway, I can look forward to only 6 more days of college (how good does that sound, lol)…spread out over 3 weeks (slightly less good)…meaning only 17 1/4 hours of lessons left (heh, how sad is that, counting the hours 😛 ).

Yesterday I met Natalie in Halifax, and we came back here.  In the afternoon we went with my mum (my dad was going to come with us, but he didn’t get back from the other house soon enough), to the Halifax charity Gala.  It was better than most years, but you know what that sort of thing is like, its not great.  I suppose it is a nice day out of the house, and the atmosphere is good, and I got to have an ice cream (I have been after one for ages, but I havn’t been able to get one because wherever I went the vans were either just disappearing over the hill, not working, not there at all (like at the market, grr), or there when I was going past on my way somewhere else!  Anyway, I got one, lol.

The other notable thing was that I saw James.  We were friends at primary school, but he changed schools (from the one I was at, to a private one, a few villages away).  We didn’t see each other much after that, but we did occationally.  The thing is, James always wanted to be a paramedic when he was at school, and yesterday I saw him – now a memeber of St John’s Ambulance.  I was really happy.  Sadly he was ‘working’, so we didnt get to talk to each other, but we passed, and smiled.  I think thats great 🙂

So today, I have done very little.  The most notable thing being that I made some cheese scones…they are very nice, but no where near enough cheese, so I will remember that for next time, lol.

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College, Party in the Park, and a bit more

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So its September again, and September in England to students means that its back to education.  So it should be back to college, and it will be on Friday…but no one bothered to tell the second years at college that we start again on Friday.  I don’t know where I got it from, but I have written down in my diary that we start back on the 2nd, and when I spoke to other people from college, they thought the same…but apparently not. [read more]

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