Short one about the weekend

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Les Mis was great!  It was really good all round, a good little trip, and well worth it!  One thing though, from a technical point of view – at first it was too loud (not just turned up too loud, but sounded to be stretching the system), but then in ‘Bring Him Home’ the lead microphone popped and seemed to loose a dynamic channel.  It meant it was quieter, but also that it sounded not quite as good through the sound system.  It didn’t matter much to us, because we were at the front (3 rows back), but I imagine it was a loss further back.  It did it again a bit later on as well, but didn’t seem to loose much, still an audible pop, but that was near the end, so it didn’t affect much.  Other than that, it was great! [read more]

Posted on Wednesday 2nd October, 2002 at 12:00 pm in Open Diary, Theatre, University.
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