"Left. No, left. No. That's the wrong way."

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I just got in to find Dana shouting directions down the phone to Tim who is trying to find his way out of Birmingham (the place he lives, incidentally).  This wouldn’t seem like a strange thing if it weren’t for the fact she’s having to shout everything three or four times before he listens and takes action.  He also seems to have no clue where he is.  No clue at all.  God knows what he would do if he was left alone, or if Dana wasn’t quite so… accomodating.  I know I’d have got fed up with having to shout things over and over and over for half an hour (and still going!), no matter who it was.

And the best bit of all?  He demanded she ring him back.

Posted on Friday 25th September, 2009 at 7:27 pm in Home, People.
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