Turning down work

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It doesn’t happen often but last weekend, amongst all the other turbulent events, I got an offer of work which I decided to turn down.  And it seems I made the right choice. [read more]

Posted on Monday 10th November, 2008 at 4:01 am in Photography, Work & Career.
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Trying to catch up!

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Oh dear.  I think I have a motivational problem…I’m never in the mood to write in this at times when I actually can write in this.  I have actually thought about it, and wanted to do it quite a few times since I last actually did, but they have all been times when I have not been able to, then when I get back to my computer and actually can do it, I don’t feel in the mood.  Its not good.  Anyway, I’m here now, and I’m not going to make any more excuses!  I don’t even actually remember when I last did write here, but I will try to not miss anything out I haven’t written about before! [read more]

Posted on Saturday 15th November, 2003 at 12:00 pm in Open Diary, People.
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So this is University?

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Well, this is the first of many posts I will be making from here in my university room for the next year!

I’ve been here for 3 nights now (Sunday to Tuesday), and things are going OK.  The room is all right – its about the size you would expect for university accommodation, and its actually not too shabby.  I’ve got a friend, Geraint, who is in the most recent college here, Pendle, and his room is only a little bigger…the only thing which I would really like to swap (in terms of the halls, anyway) would be the kitchen – ours is small and pretty grotty, whereas his is big and nicely fitted out (its even got proper cupboards, which is more than ours!).  Being on the ground floor is alright, but there are a few things which are annoying – it gets quite warm in my room (well, at the moment at least.  I think it might get cold in winter because the window seems a little draughty), so its nice to have the window open to let in some fresh air, but I can’t leave it open when I go out because it would be easy for someone to just climb in and take things.  Also The room is a little overlooked.  My window looks right out at block 10, and the upper floors of that can see into my room, and at my desk, which is a little disturbing. [read more]

Posted on Wednesday 1st October, 2003 at 12:00 pm in Open Diary, University.
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