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Now I know I haven’t finished with the second half of the stag weekend posts so forgive me, but I wanted to write this now before I go away.

I’m heading back from Scott and Jess’ wedding this weekend. They had a handfasting ceremony and asked me to do their photos for them. While I was, of course, honoured that they would ask me and trust me to shoot such an important event, I was more than a little nervous. While I’m comfortable shooting live events and theatre, I had actually never previously shot a wedding. Wedding photography is not something that I have ever really wanted to get into, but I have known Scott since we were very young and Jess a few years now, so I agreed on the understanding that they know my style and they knew what they were getting.

I travelled up on Friday morning and stayed with my dad for the weekend. (I’m not sure how long I will have that luxuary now my mum has started her new job. Their house is up for sale and I guess it all depends on how long that takes to sell.) [read more]

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Friends' House Warming

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Tiara: £10; return train ticket: £62.75; party supplies: £33.00.  Total: £105.75.  Not really too bad for a weekend spent at the other end of the country with my friends, although I could have saved the £33 given none of the supplies were actually used.

Last weekend a couple of friends, Ben and Emma, had their house warming party.  They’ve been living together for a couple of months now, but hadn’t had chance to get around to having a party until now.  When I first found out about them moving in I asked when the party was going to be.  I was told they weren’t having one.  Of course that meant that when I received the invitation I couldn’t exactly say no.

[read more]

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Don't say: "Are you planning to stay all night?"

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A couple of weeks ago Paul, a work acquaintance of Dana and I, got married.  While they married in a small ceremony in Spain, they had a reception back here for around 200 people at a posh hotel.  I was invited, as was Phil, Dana and Tim.

We were told about it quite a long time ago, and Dana had spoken to Tim about him going.  He’d not been very keen on the idea and had initially tried to convince Dana that she shouldn’t go, simply because he didn’t want to.  Thankfully she stood her ground and said she was going, and that it was up to him if he wanted to.  He agreed to come along after he’d finished work and made his way back from Birmingham.  She offered for him to give both me and Phil a lift back after the reception. [read more]

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The Press Club

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Either my new look is working, or at least two people were very drunk on Saturday night.  Given that I know at least two people were very drunk on Saturday night it doesn’t sound all that promising, but I’m not going to let that get me down. [read more]

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Christmas and New Year

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Welcome to 2009, if a little late.

To be honest I don’t have much to write about over Christmas and New Year.  Christmas day was spent at my brother’s house in York.  My parents collected my Grandma on Christmas eve, she stayed at their house for the night, we went to York about lunch time on Christmas day, and then my parents took Grandma home again that night.  I got to stay at my brother’s for the night.  That was OK in the end.  I was a little worried about how that would go — my brother and I aren’t really all that close, although we do get on well, and I’m not really all that talkative — but it turned out fine.  We played a board game which I won, and my brother’s wife got a little bit tipsy which made conversation go a little more easily. [read more]

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Sometimes we all crave a little attention

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“dont hate me when stories are told”, that’s the message the person I, urm, ‘got to know’ on Friday night posted on her boyfriend’s Facebook wall on Saturday. [read more]

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Update 2: The holidays in a nutshell

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Alright, here goes (a lot later than planned, but lets skip over that shall we 😉 ) – the rest of the holiday in a nutshell!

The thing is, I guess the reason why I haven’t written this much over the holidays is because I haven’t been doing that much…so I’ve not felt the need to get on here and write about it.  Anyway, the holidays kicked off (well, kind of, it was a little while into it, but it was meant to kick it off…just I finished earlier than a lot of my friends because they are in the year below me) with a party at Ross’s house.  Actually, Natalie and I had been invited out to a kind of gathering (does that kind of make it sound like a weird ritual, or is it just me…) at Kathy’s house a few days before, but didn’t go.  Natalie went off on a nice cruse with her parents a little while earlier that week, so I would have had to go on my own and things and I didn’t fancy that (not to mention that I didn’t know where she lives and we were only invited like the day before not giving much time).  So, Ross’s party was the first real party this summer (actually, the only one thinking about it!).  I met Ben a little early as he wanted to get some shopping in Halifax before we went, so we did that, and then had some time to kill.  We ended up sitting in the Piece Hall for about 45 mins in the end, just talking (and being hounded by wasps…I think I must look like a flower or something, because I always get attacked by things like that…maybe its the colours I wear :-\ ).  That was quite fun, we talked about lots of things.  Then we got thrown out because they were closing.  So we made our way to the bus station where we were supposed to be meeting everyone.  Sure enough people rolled up and we all gathered.  When Ross finally arrived there was a great deal of buying of alcohol to be done.  It’s strange, I don’t drink, and yet I am always the one given money to buy things like that, and always the one who end up carrying the stuff!  I don’t mind, just strange (heh, I suppose I should be honoured people think I look all grown up, hehe).  After a rather long visit to the shop (with much lengthy deciding what to buy, and then trying to explain to me so I got it right), we made our way back to the bus station to…well…get a bus.  The rest of the night wasn’t much to talk about – usual party stuff – people getting drunk, chatting, messing about, greasy food, computer games (no karaoke this time around), strip poker, loud poor music, and me with my camera to record it all.  I love it…other people don’t at the time…but they do the next day 😀   We stayed over that night watching the TV (there are some amusing programs on at night), and I left at about 8.30am while other people were still half asleep and went home.  Then I slept.  That was a good night.  I enjoyed it. [read more]

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Long entry, but I want to catch up

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Well I have so much to write about!  I’m starting this now (just gone 1am, Monday morning), but I bet I don’t end up finishing tonight, lol.  So here goes…

Well, its the holidays from college now (yey) actually has been for the last week, but I don’t seem to have had much rest – my computing project was supposed to have been in for the Friday that we broke up, but it wasn’t despite my staying up all night on Thursday to attempt to get it done.  I took what I had done of it (something like 27 pages) to David my tutor on Friday and told him that he could have that now, and I would give him more as I got it done (ie, over the weekend), or I could give him it all in one go later.  He said he would be in college on Thursday so I could get it to him then.  That was great, and so that’s what I did.  It still wasn’t finished though, but this time it wasn’t my fault – the people I made the system for didn’t get back to me with feedback quickly enough to be able to put in an appraisal – and I didn’t want to spend loads of money on a print out of my program listing for the appendix when I can do it free at college!  So I took the rest of it in on Thursday.  When I got there I found that the staff room was totally deserted, and on his desk was Paul’s project as well.  I don’t really know if that’s a good sign – had I missed the time he was in, so he will get it really late, or had he just not been in that day meaning that it wasn’t my fault?  Either way, I left it on the desk and went.  In the car park I helped to get a car going, and then went on clothes shopping. [read more]

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General nothing, and Josh’s leaving things…

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Ooh, back again, just in time to see March out…and again I can’t think of a title for the entry, lol.

It’s all because nothing is happening, so I have nothing to write about.  College rolls on and on (and on, and on, etc.).  I just can’t wait to get out…and I think everyone I know feels the same – its not just people at my college, people at my old school feel the same, and people I know at other colleges feel the same.  It’s just time for us all to move on, and find something different to do.  Something different like Uni…but I need to get there yet…that’s the thing – I have to work hard now when I don’t want to, and don’t feel enthused to, in order to get to there where I will want to.  Blah, life is hard 😛

I’m still working on my computing project, but I think I will have it done tomorrow or Wednesday (at least I damn well hope so – its already taken a day longer than I wanted it to, although, granted I didn’t work at it as much as a planned last week (going out and all that…actually, did I talk about that last entry?  I don’t think I did…on to that in a second), lol. [read more]

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We didn’t win…

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…and we didn’t come 2nd, 3rd or 4th.  But honestly that’s not the point.  It was a lot of fun!

Do you remember back a while ago I wrote about a competition our band was going to enter?  Well it was last night.  We didn’t win.  We didn’t expect to win either – it was only our first ever public performance for one thing, and for another we aren’t all that good 😉 [read more]

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