2013 Projects

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As I mentioned previously I have a number of projects on the go. Some of them are for fun, some of them hopefully will lead to something, at least one of them is a long overdue favour for someone which will also free up some of my time. As part of my plan for 2013 I’d like to pick up these projects and make some progress. My plan is to have two projects on the go at any one time, alternating between them each time I work (hopefully most nights in the week), and to pick a long term project to work on for a while along side a number of shorter projects (or at least projects which have a shorter release cycle).

The first thing I have in mind is to finish off converting the Calderdale Theatre School website to WordPress. The people who I’m doing it for have asked if there is any way they can update it themselves, and I’d love to give them one. The complication so far has been integrating the production pages and callendar into WP in a suitable way. I have started this and made good progress on the main content pages at the end of last year, but haven’t given much thought to the other sections. My current thinking is that I will leave those pages running on the legacy code for now and publish the rest in the new WP format. [read more]

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Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013

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As I look out of the window and the clouds below us, and the mountains below that, I’m minded to think that saying goodbye to Romania and hello again to England bears a similarity to saying goodbye to the previous year and hello to the next.  Alright, so we did that just under a week ago officially, and of course the flight is from one known to another, but you see what I’m getting at. I would like to say something poetic like how flying makes me reflect on my life — so far above the world, and so personally helpless, that my thoughts are free to turn to how I can improve the things I do have control over — but in honesty that’s not true (besides, with so many screaming kids on this flight, it’s hardly conducive to poetic thinking). It does, however, give me time to write.

I didn’t go into 2012 with big plans which I can reflect on at the end of the year. I thought, perhaps, I might have changed jobs, but in the end things didn’t pan out that way; I suppose, in honesty, I didn’t try all that hard so perhaps the whole situation wasn’t as bad as I thought it might have been at some points in the year. I didn’t think I’d come so close to being upgraded as part of the British Airways Executive club; although I didn’t make it, one economy to business class upgrade on my last flight of the year would have tipped the balance. [read more]

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