A bit irritated

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Hmm, I’m a little annoyed, I’ll tell you why, because it might make me feel a little better…so anyway…

I know its not really a big thing, but it made me annoyed – just that, because (I imagine its because of this), I was younger than him, he thought I was totally useless, or at least incompetent in something which I have been doing at a pretty high level (if I do say so myself, lol), for years.

Let me explain.  There is a university choir singing at my mum’s church on Sunday, and they arrived today so they could rehearse tomorrow.  With them they brought a synthesizer to do part of their accompaniment.  Now, last year, we provided a keyboard and amplification, and this year they just wanted the amplification, so I did the same setup, and sat about in case they needed help getting the synthesizer to work with it. [read more]

Posted on Friday 21st June, 2002 at 12:00 pm in Arts & Ents, Obiter dicta, Open Diary.
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