Sunday Bike Ride to Fleet

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It’s rained a lot this year so far. While I often ride for work on my bike in the rain, it doesn’t make me very keen on going out at the weekend just for fun. This weekend was a little different,so I took the chance on Sunday afternoon to go out on my first ride of the season. It wasn’t the most challenging ride I have ever done, but it was nice to ease myself back into the habit.

I set off and headed over the MoD land to the Basingstoke canal and along to Fleet. [read more]

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Alton Bus Ralley & Running Day

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AP 69

Here’s something a bit fun.  Sunday was nice weather so I ventured out to the Alton bus rally & running day.  When I was younger I attended a similar event in Halifax with my dad and really enjoyed it.  For some reason I find busses (and trains to some extent, but in that case only after a certain era — I’m not that interested in steam trains, but heritage DMUs are fun) really interesting.  I was also a little bored this evening, so had a little fiddle with these pictures.  In my professional work I would never apply this kind of processing but I quite like the effect I got from over driving the levels on these, especially given the nature of the subjects.

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