Left past the Christmas tree

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Has anyone else noticed how, in the Rowntree’s Randoms directions advert, the man giving directions says “…go right past the Christmas tree…” while pointing left?

I do wish advertising agencies would get these things right!

Posted on Saturday 19th September, 2009 at 4:43 pm in Obiter dicta.
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Müller cherry

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Does it strike anyone else as slightly disturbing that the current Müller Corner advert starts off with a lady singing the line “I’ve got my berry, got my cherry…”? This point is reinforced a little later in the advert by another lady repeating “I’ve got my cherries”.

I would have thought that the alternative interpretation of this phrase would have dawned on someone, either at Publicis or Müller, well before the advert made it to mainstream television!

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Chocolate advertising

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I like to think I’m not one to be taken in by TV adverts. In fact I don’t generally see many adverts on TV — the majority of things I watch are on the BBC, and those things which aren’t I generally don’t sit and watch, they’re just on in the background (Sunday’s omnibus of Come Dine With Me on More4 is the background to my weekly flat cleaning efforts). So I recon there are only two reasons I’d really notice what’s being advertised — an attractive young lady, or something a little bit different.  Both of these have caught my attention of late. [read more]

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It seems there's no escape

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It’s strange how some people are trendy for a while and are all over the place.  It seems to be that the trendy idiot of the moment is Alan Carr.  Given that he’s not very good, his agent must be fantastic.  He really does get on my nerves — I’ve yet to identify anything with his act which isn’t just annoying.  While Justin Lee Collins moved on to make some light hearted documentary type programmes, Alan seems to have just gone on to do anything he possibly could.  And he doesn’t bring anything to any of them.  I thought that maybe I’d be safe listening to BBC Radio 2, but no — his irritating voice popped up there too.  Lets hope he’ll burn out reasonably quickly, although I guess that would just leave a gap for the next one to come along and be in everything… [read more]

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Just things, and an awful TV program…

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Ohh, so its November now, and my birthday is in this month, hehe.

Hmmm, well, this week is over, and it was pretty un-eventful.  We were only in college for 4 days because there was staff development on Wednesday, so I went to see Natalie and we spent the day together.  Its going to be another four day week next week because there is a strike by lecturers on the 5th.  I think I might go into college though, and just find a computer that I can do something on, so I’m not stuck at home (if I just stay in I wont end up doing any work, lol).  Have to see how I feel on the day.

I think I am going to stay at Natalie’s house tomorrow night, but other than that I have no plans for the weekend…I know I need to do another politics essay for Monday, and I have more notes to write up for it as well (actually I might save that for Tuesday…), but I have a few things to do for college (oh, including the analysis of my computing project that needs to be in for mid November (groan, lol)).  I have also decided on my 6th Uni as well – Hull.  It looks nice, and they do a good course…and it isn’t too far away either 🙂 [read more]

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