2013 Projects

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As I mentioned previously I have a number of projects on the go. Some of them are for fun, some of them hopefully will lead to something, at least one of them is a long overdue favour for someone which will also free up some of my time. As part of my plan for 2013 I’d like to pick up these projects and make some progress. My plan is to have two projects on the go at any one time, alternating between them each time I work (hopefully most nights in the week), and to pick a long term project to work on for a while along side a number of shorter projects (or at least projects which have a shorter release cycle).

The first thing I have in mind is to finish off converting the Calderdale Theatre School website to WordPress. The people who I’m doing it for have asked if there is any way they can update it themselves, and I’d love to give them one. The complication so far has been integrating the production pages and callendar into WP in a suitable way. I have started this and made good progress on the main content pages at the end of last year, but haven’t given much thought to the other sections. My current thinking is that I will leave those pages running on the legacy code for now and publish the rest in the new WP format. [read more]

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What I have been up to since last time…

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I know it’s been a while since last update, but there isn’t much to say really.

I’m getting on with college, and I have declined a couple of my grades so I have to sit them again – in Physics I am taking the Waves and Nuclear Physics module in January again, after teaching from my nice tutor at home, and Maths I don’t know when I am taking things, but I will be doing, still to work that out.  Talking of my Physics tutor, I am really getting on better in it now with him doing it, he is really, really good, a lot of the things I never really understood with the other tutors I understand with him…which can only be good, lol. [read more]

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