Theatre Festival 2002!

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It was fun, for the most part at least…a lot happened…

We went down on two mini buses this year (instead of the train like before, because of the costs and the awkwardness of changing and things), and its a good job we did because on the day we were traveling there was a strike on the London Underground which we would have to take for part of the journey if we did go by train.  On the way there I was in Laurence’s minibus.  I sat next to Ginger Emma originally, but just before we set off the person who was sat between Tracy and Lawrence in the front asked me if I would swap with her.  I thought I might as well, so I sat up front with them.  It was a bit of a squeeze, not much leg room where I was, but I got all the way to the services where we stopped for lunch, and then Matt swapped with me (much to the dismay of the other two in the front, lol, apparently, he was just talking constantly.  To tell the truth, no one at theatre school actually likes Matthew – on the Sunday I went shopping with Lawrence, and he described him as ‘the most irritating fat bastard he has ever met’, which I think describes him well, lol).  Anyway, as we got close to the place, and off the M25, we were following the other minibus, and they went the wrong way at one of the roundabouts, and we got lost.  Because Matt was in the front, and had the map, everyone on our bus blamed him (it wasn’t his fault at all, because we were following the bus in front of us, but that’s not the point, lol).  He got all the blame, then someone said that we didn’t get lost when I was in the front (not that I directed them at all, it was all on the motorway, following signs to London), and they started a chant of ‘Who do we want? – Jonathon, When do we want him? – On the way back!’  It was quite amusing.  We got there at about 3.30 on Thursday afternoon.

Ben and I were supposed to be sharing a tent, as were Nat and Emma (our other halves, or ex-other halves), but some people who had got a cabin space, decided they would rather be outside with everyone else, and so Emma and Nat got a cabin room…and Ben and I shared it with them until we got our own which was the Friday night (because the Americans weren’t using all their rooms, so we took them).

Like last year, we had a big kitchen in the cabin, and so out leaders put on food for us (because the catering on the site isn’t good at all, and its very expensive), and this year we shared it with the Americans (they payed something daily, £5.50 I think it was, and we payed per meal for the stuff used).  It was a good arrangement, although I think that either we undercharged ourselves, or over charged them, because the most it was a meal for us was £1.50, and breakfast was free…so I don’t know, but it all worked out well.

The Americans were all very nice (the ones who spoke to us were, a few didn’t say much to us, but the rest did) we got on really well, extremely well in some cases – Dean from our group and one of the girls from the American party (I never did find out her name…she had long dyed red hair, that’s about all I remember), really went for each other, it was really sweet, they seemed to have something really nice (from what you can tell over about 3 days), and they were both really sad when we had to go (awwww, it was sweet, as I was getting in the bus on the way back I heard them saying how they wish they could go back with each other, awww).  Jessie from the other group seemed to attach herself to us (I could just see her coming back with our group and no one noticing that she wasn’t meant to be part of out theatre school, lol).  I thought that she might be the kind of person who was flirty (hmm, you know the kind – who has someone everywhere she goes), and I said that at the start…and I think I was right.  First of all, both Chris and Alex were after her, Alex won.  Friday night they first went with each other, and on Saturday morning, they seemed to be avoiding each other, and I thought ‘oh well, it happens’, but then by Saturday afternoon, they were back together again (they sat in front of us at one of the shows, and she was leaning on him and things).  Then Sunday morning, she was ignoring him again.  Finally, just before we went on Sunday, I saw her and Ross walking about holding hands and hugging…sooooo, poor Alex, she was his first as well, never mind, you learn from things like that I suppose.

We did our show on Friday, it went really well in the end.  It was the first time that we have taken anything to the festival to perform, and it was really good – however much Gillie might have regretted agreeing to do something before we went, it went really, really well.  In rehersals before we went, hardly anyone knew their lines or what they were meant to be doing, and the lines thing was like that even when we went though it in the cabin at 2 (we were performing at 4) – Gillie really went spare.  When it came to it though, it went soo well, it was really, really good.  The whole thing just pulled together when we got it on stage infront of an audience, and thanks to the advertising campaign (which consisted of people going round in the morning telling people they had to come, and waving protest boards and shouting), we had a nearly full house.  Apparently we had quite a few people comming afterwards to tell us that it was one of the best things they had seen at the festival, and there were some amazing things put on.  It was good fun…even if we did break the staging in front of the technical people who did all the things like that for the festival, lol.

I didn’t do any workshops this year for one reason and another, but I saw a whole load of shows, and they ranged from being really good, to being not quite so good (some dragged on too much, and all that), but I hear we managed to avaiod all the really bad ones – there was one where people were just walking out, untill there were about 6 people left in the audience.  I don’t regret not going to any of the workshops though…

Natalie and I knew something was going to happen with Emma and Ben over this weekend – having to spend the whole weekend together – and sure enough it did.  After seeing ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’, she told him she didn’t love him anymore.  This sent Ben onto a down strech, and Natalie and I, being the nice people that we are, stayed in that night trying to cheer him up (we had got something planned – we were going to go out for the first time, we hadnt any other nights because Nat wasn’t feeling well because of her infection (its gone now by the way, magic anti-biotics, hehe).  Instead we stayed in, and tried to make him feel better.  Emma went out to the drinks machine with people, and after a while Ben told us he was going to the toilet.  Sure enough, he didn’t, he went to find her.  She had hurt her ankle, and we found him supporting her back to the cabin, by her backside, arm in arm.  Later on that evening Natalie and I found them naked together in bed.  Now, Im sorry if this seems harsh, but after us wasting our evening trying to make him feel better, then finding them in bed together again that same night, we wern’t too happy.  When we went to bed that night Natalie and I just talked, and giggled for about an hour, untill they got fed up, and left the room, which was the plan.  I suppose it was a bit childish, and it felt it, giggling and things, but I don’t see why we should have to be be perfectly civil to them after that.  Next day when we asked Emma if they were together, she said no.  Sorry, I just flipped.  I know that no one who was in that room has seen me shout like that before, and I scared them all apparenly (Chris said I scared him, Natalie said that I had a mad look in my eyes, and Emma thought I was going to hit her…though I never would hit anyone, and I didn’t move – I was leaning on my hands and styed where I was), but it did the trick.  She refused to talk to me untill yesterday and then she appologised.  I have nothing against her, or Ben, but more what they have done, and it wasn’t the first time that somehting like that has happend, and both Natalie and I are fed up because it ends up being us who has to pick up the pieces.  Anyway, I asked yesterday if they are together now, and apparently they arn’t. I don’t mean to sound nasty, but good, its about time, they can get on, and find people they won’t complain about all the time, and be happy!
On the way back I sat next to Natalie in Tony’s bus.  Most people fell asleep, and I read the paper.  They also put the Radio 1 chart on.  It seemed alot quicker getting back, and we got back at about 7, which wasn’t too bad to say we set off at about 2pm.  I got a lift back with Nat’s dad (for the first time in his convetable with the roof down, lol), had a bath, and went to bed.

It was a good weekend, great fun, and I hope to do it next year too, hehe.

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Sounds like you had a blast!!!! I’m glad. =) *huggles* Luv ya!! Stay Sweet!

Posted on 7th Jun 2002 at 12:00 pm by Princess Amber.

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