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I turned 25 in November.  I’m getting old.  Just before my birthday Dana, Phil, Cecile and I went out for a meal.  It wasn’t related, just an evening out with friends, but we did talk about it a bit.  Last year I removed my birthday from Facebook to see who would remember, without being reminded, that it was my birthday.  Very few people did.  I think I sometimes go out of my way to make myself miserable – this seems to be a good example. [read more]

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A birthday and the theatre

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Phew, it’s been longer than it should have been.  I was going to tell you about the drinks with Dana, Tim and co. a couple of weekends ago and I also need to catch up with last week and end.  So here goes.  I’ll try to be brief! [read more]

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Birthday!…Yesterday anyway

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Hello again from college! I’m waiting for Natalie to finish her maths lesson, and then I am going to see her (I only have computing on a Wednesday, so I can see her when she finishes), and I’m sort of doing my computing work as well as this (the analysis that has to be in for the end of next week, which I only started today (although not all my fault – the people I am doing it for still haven’t got back to me, so I’ making it up 😉 )). [read more]

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Oppps…been a while…

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With all this doing nothing, I haven’t been here to update!  Well, here we go, not all that interesting, but worth a quickie…

So whats been up, not much to be honest – I have been seeing Natalie a lot, I stayed over at her house on Wednesday because it was her dad’s birthday and her parents wanted me to(!!), and I stayed last night too because her parents went out for a meal for her dad’s birthday, and we looked after her brother (who is 12, but its a good excuse to stay over there, lol).  We watched ‘Meet the Parents’ which was quite amusing…we were going to watch ‘What Women Want’ but it was on at 8 and we weren’t really wanting to snuggle down by then, so we waited until 9 (this was on Sky Premier).  Today we didn’t do anything really — stayed in bed until late, then we were going to go for a walk but it rained and then when we were going to wander to the shop (just for some sweets and to get out), her mum panics because her brother wasn’t back from swimming 7 hours after they went (he just spent the day out in the end, then went to his friend’s house after, but she was worried). [read more]

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This Week Just Gone

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Wow, well, a lot has happened this week, its been a busy week (umm, this is last week I am talking about, lol).  It started off quite nicely with just rehearsals for the show we are taking to Epping on Tuesday, but it has had a lot of things go on since.

I don’t remember if I have written about Natalie’s birthday party in here before, but I can’t remember and so I will put it again (if you read it already, you can skip this paragraph 😉 ).  We were planning on going out to the Dusk ’till Dawn restaurant (the place Emma had her party) with people from theatre school and a few others, then come back here.  That should have been Thursday, and I went off to White Rose on Saturday to buy clothes with Nat and her mum on Saturday (I know I talked about that).  Now, Emma said that she would book the place, and had said this for a few weeks when, on Tuesday, she told Nat that, apparently, couldn’t afford it and that she was working (she works at McDonald’s.  Its quite funny, she works at McDonald’s and Ben, her b/f, now works at KFC, so wherever we go to eat we can get a reduction, hehe) that night so couldn’t come.  That also meant that she hadn’t booked the place and for some reason best known to themselves, it also meant that Ben couldn’t go either (do you see any logic in that?). [read more]

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This Last Week

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Hmm, well, I haven’t done much really – just been with Natalie most of the time, which has been nice 🙂

I went with her and her mum to the White Rose Centre yesterday to get her some clothes for her birthday which is on Thursday (same day as Ben’s birthday actually), and we got Ben a present for his too (actually, we only got a keyring which says ‘Heaven doesnt want me, and hell thinks I’ll take over’ but it was a start, and we thought it was quite appropriate as well).  I meant to get him a card today, but I managed to forget, drat, we will have to go and get one tomorrow.  Because we had to get the 10.30 bus to White Rose, we thought it would be better if I slept at Natalie’s on Saturday, so I did…or tried.  I don’t sleep well in other places, and I’m not used to having a lumpy girl snuggled up to me – not that I’m saying its a bad thing, it isn’t, far from it (nor am I saying she is lumpy, shes nice and soft but you know, lumpy as in…well…there), but I’m not used to it, and I find it hard to sleep unless its dark – her curtains are thin, and yellow, and mine have blackout linings, I’m just not used to it.  So I didn’t sleep very well that night.  I was planning on sleeping in today, but I didn’t, mainly because I stayed at her house last night too.  Her mum offered, and it did seem like a nice idea, so I did.  I slept a little better, but I’m still tired.  I will sleep tonight for a while I hope…sleep in tomorrow.  Actually, she is staying here on Wednesday just to look after me while my parents are away for the night.  I was wanting to have a nice romantic night in, but we have rehearsals for theatre festival that night now, which might spoil that a little.  Never mind.  Oh, then on Thursday night we are going out for a meal for her birthday, so I don’t know what will be happening there, probably come back here like we did after Emma’s party.  Then on Friday I am going bowling with her family (for her birthday, lol), so I will stay there that night, and Saturday, Ben is having a party, so I guess we will be staying there that night, and if not, there here sounds like a good option, its closer.

Talking about today (I was a while back, lol), I went to get Nat’s presents.  I got her this twisted silver bracelet from Samuel’s, which I like a lot, and a teddy thing that is holding its arms out wanting a hug, its really sweet.  I got her a card which is ‘To Someone Special’, with Tatty Teddy from the ‘Me to You‘ collection, which I like alot as well.  So thats what I got her, and I will give to her on Thursday morning.

Ah, I need to go and wrap it all, so I will be off.  I know there was more I wanted to say, just I can’t be bothered to find my dictaphone which is it all recorded on.

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