Birthday!…Yesterday anyway

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Hello again from college! I’m waiting for Natalie to finish her maths lesson, and then I am going to see her (I only have computing on a Wednesday, so I can see her when she finishes), and I’m sort of doing my computing work as well as this (the analysis that has to be in for the end of next week, which I only started today (although not all my fault – the people I am doing it for still haven’t got back to me, so I’ making it up 😉 )).

My birthday (yesterday!) went alright, but it wasn’t anything special on the day because I was in college. My parents are giving me a CD-RW/DVD player (or rather the money for one, and I have ordered it, lol), and a the Best of David Bowie CD (he is alright – I like some of his music, but not all of it…and so the Best Of compilation is a good CD because it only has the good things on it!). My Grandma gave me £100 which I have put away in the bank and will probably end up spending on Christmas (depends on if work get back to me or not – they still haven’t. He said that he would start me today or at the weekend, and I was hoping he would have rung yesterday to say today, but he didn’t (I get to see Natalie instead which is nice), so I guess it will be the weekend. I want to start soon because, although I can say I have a job, it doesn’t do any good if I don’t do any actual work because I don’t get payed for doing nothing!).  Natalie’s parents got me a nice jacket which I will wear in summer I think, and Natalie got me an orange and yellow lava lamp (which is perfect for my room, and has taken up residence on my computer on top of a book wrapped in silver foil to stop the heat from passing to the computer, lol) and a cuddly little Fimble…I love it to bits! Its really sweet and cuddly, and reminds me of her…I just huggle it and it reminds me of her. I’m going to take it with me when I go to uni and cuddle it every night when I can’t be with her.

I’m a bit worried about physics. Last year I didn’t do wonderfully well in two modules, and I am re-sitting those along with the new ones from this year. In January I have one of the last year ones, and Im happy with that because of my personal tutoring (he is great, and I understand things now!), but the unit 4 (further physics) is hard. It’s all theoretical and formula(ic). I know that’s an area I struggle with and it is all that…I’m going to have to really get down to it now, and do some work on it – from now on I am actually going to concentrate on it, because I need to do well! Politics is going fine, and we have picked up the pace with it, and I’m understanding it all, even though I am going through it at break-neck speed, and computing is fine, just need to get the practical project done there, lol.

And that’s about all. I think I have said all I have to say…I want to be able to talk about all my friend’s relationships…but I can’t, they don’t have any still – I’m still the only one attached, and talking about the capers with Emma and Mike are getting boring now (its all the same, she says she will see us with him, doesn’t turn up, find out he doesn’t know about a thing about it all, and that’s all). I want things to happen so that I can watch and talk about it all….no fair hehe.

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i love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much and you just dont seem to realise do you.i miss you so much when youre not here.

Posted on 20th Dec 2002 at 12:00 pm by Natalie.

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