Desktop Wallpapers

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For a few years now I have been keeping my eyes peeled while out with my cameras for images which I think would make nice computer wallpapers. I use a few computers and I like to keep the wallpaper fresh by changing it occasionally. While I haven’t amassed a lot of images, 24 at the moment, I have quite a nice selection.

The images have always been available on my website if you knew where to look, but I thought I might as well make them a little easier to get to. So I’ve created a page with all 24 images, and will add the new ones to it as I create them. As they are generally for my computers they’re mostly cropped to 1920 x 1080 and I won’t be making different resolution versions. Feel free to use them for wallpapers yourself if you like them, but they are all under copyright and you will need a commercial license for any other use.

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Daily Photo 2014 Review

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Back at the beginning of 2014 I started another year of taking one photo a day. It’s something I had done previously (from March 2009 to March 2010), and decided to do again for a full calendar year. I managed 348 photos meaning that for 17 days I failed to take a photo. The full collection can be seen on the daily photo page, but the following are 15 of my favourites from right through the year. [read more]

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Gallery Migration

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I’ve finally finished migrating the gallery pages from my old bespoke gallery system into WordPress. Other than the time it took to re-upload all the images (more than 8,000 in total), the transfer went relatively painlessly. There are two pieces of work left to do: firstly I need to fix the category links so that they are pretty rather than using querystrings, and secondly I want to see if I can, in bulk, update the upload time of each image to match the (manually set) published time of the gallery. I’ll be taking a look at those little things over the next few days.

This finally puts to rest my old gallery system. I started developing the system way back in 2002 to make it easier for me to share the photos I had taken at events with my friends. Before that point I’d simply used a static HTML system. The old galleries have been through a number of re-writes and additions over that time, as well as seeing a couple of re-designs, but with less time to pay attention to them the code had fallen somewhat into dis-repair. By moving to a custom post type based gallery system within WordPress I hope to be able to spend the time I used to spend maintaining the old system to add functionality. [read more]

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Last weekend saw the hottest days of the year so far, so I decided I would take my camera out to the seaside. Having previously taken a trip to Brighton, I decided to head down to Bournemouth. Apparently I wasn’t alone. There is a full gallery in the photos section of this website, but I decided also to have a play with one or two of the photos, and the results are below. As it’s the great British seaside, I was aiming for old postcard style. [read more]

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London 2012: Photos and Chocolate (and a little money)

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The year 2012 saw the Olympics heading for London for the third time in modern Olympic history. For two weeks London was taken over by the games and all the infrastructure which comes with it. Not living in London meant the games didn’t affect me directly (except with the TV schedules, and knowing that the Team GB Synchronised Swimming team train the the pool just down the road), but I still felt that I wanted to at least have a little to do with it — after all I can’t imagine London, or anywhere else in the UK, being awarded the games again in my lifetime. So, last Saturday, I headed into the capital with my cameras to see what I could find down on The Mall where the walk races were taking place.

I took the tube from Waterloo to Green Park and walked down through the park to the exit by Constitution Hill. I spent quite a few hours around the course, snapping away at what was going on before hand, before finally taking a place at the barrier right outside of Buckingham Palace, just in front of the misting shower, to watch the race. [read more]

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Aldershot Live Music Day

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Aldershot Live Music Day

Last weekend saw Aldershot Live Music Day — an event held across three stages in the town centre showcasing a range of live artists and bands. As I didn’t have anything else on this weekend I decided to take my camera out and have a look.

I have added a full straight colour edit of my photos to my gallery, but thought I’d also produce some more ‘rocky’ style black and white images. [read more]

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St Patrick’s Day 2012

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Every year London celebrates St Patrick’s day with a big outdoor festival. I’ve been to see the event before, back in 2009, but I didn’t have anything else to do for the weekend this year, so on the 18th March I made my way to Trafalgar Square with my camera. These photos are the result of my afternoon out. There are more in the gallery. [read more]

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Maritime Greenwich

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Shepherd Patentee

On Wednesday my parents came to visit. My dad had wanted to surprise my mum for her birthday back in December and bring her on a day trip down to London, catching the early train from Halifax to London Kings Cross and then going back on the last one of the day. Unfortunately the snow we had at that time last year time played havoc with the trains that day, so the trip was postponed. [read more]

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Race for Life

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Race for Life

On the 26th June 2010 one of my friends, Laura, ran the Race for Life in Richmond park.  I went in support and took my camera with me. These few photos have been sitting around on my desktop for a while, so I thought it was about time I posted them here. [read more]

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Alton Bus Ralley & Running Day

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AP 69

Here’s something a bit fun.  Sunday was nice weather so I ventured out to the Alton bus rally & running day.  When I was younger I attended a similar event in Halifax with my dad and really enjoyed it.  For some reason I find busses (and trains to some extent, but in that case only after a certain era — I’m not that interested in steam trains, but heritage DMUs are fun) really interesting.  I was also a little bored this evening, so had a little fiddle with these pictures.  In my professional work I would never apply this kind of processing but I quite like the effect I got from over driving the levels on these, especially given the nature of the subjects.

[read more]

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