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Wow, well, a lot has happened this week, its been a busy week (umm, this is last week I am talking about, lol).  It started off quite nicely with just rehearsals for the show we are taking to Epping on Tuesday, but it has had a lot of things go on since.

I don’t remember if I have written about Natalie’s birthday party in here before, but I can’t remember and so I will put it again (if you read it already, you can skip this paragraph 😉 ).  We were planning on going out to the Dusk ’till Dawn restaurant (the place Emma had her party) with people from theatre school and a few others, then come back here.  That should have been Thursday, and I went off to White Rose on Saturday to buy clothes with Nat and her mum on Saturday (I know I talked about that).  Now, Emma said that she would book the place, and had said this for a few weeks when, on Tuesday, she told Nat that, apparently, couldn’t afford it and that she was working (she works at McDonald’s.  Its quite funny, she works at McDonald’s and Ben, her b/f, now works at KFC, so wherever we go to eat we can get a reduction, hehe) that night so couldn’t come.  That also meant that she hadn’t booked the place and for some reason best known to themselves, it also meant that Ben couldn’t go either (do you see any logic in that?).

It seems like this to us (to a lot of people recently):  Emma seems to think that the world revolves around her, and its up to her what happens everywhere.  The thing is, she never used to be like that apparently (I don’t know, I didn’t really know her until Ben and her got together, which was about a year ago, at Epping last year in fact), and it is only recently she started being like that.  Her and Ben are constantly complaining to other people about each other – about what has happened, what hasn’t happened, what each tries to do, etc, etc., and it tends to be Emma complaining about how Ben is too protective, and Ben complaining about how he can’t trust Emma after what happened with Ross (must have written about that, if not then in brief – she slept with him while with Ben, and tried not to tell him, but it all came out at the Jason party, lol).  So they never seem to be happy with each other when they talk to everyone else but Emma won’t leave Ben because it would upset him, and she doesn’t ‘want to hurt him’.  Ben complains but then as soon as they are together, its all OK, or seems that way – they never seem to talk to each other about how they feel, just tell us all the time.  To get back to the point…Ben will do anything for Emma, whatever she says he will give in to her, and so she always gets her own way with him, and it seems that because it happens there, she thinks it will happen all the time, and so acts that way with everyone, and doesn’t think how it will effect other people.

Not surprisingly Nat wasn’t happy.  She was quite upset about it because she was looking forward to it.  So we didn’t do anything on Thursday night, because of Emma.  Nat stayed on Wednesday here when my parents were away, and we had a nice romantic night in.  It was nice, then on Thursday we stayed in Bed until 1pm, and she had a nice day, which was what I wanted.

Wednesday night my parents weren’t in, so as I said, Natalie stayed over.  After rehearsal we went shopping for some food to eat, and then came home and snuggled down in the snug with the fire on and the cat, then went to bed quite late, and slept until about 10.30.  It was a surprise that the cat didn’t wake us up after food before that, but at the time I got up to feed him he was still in bed.  My mum thinks we probably kept the poor cat up too late – he isn’t used to being up with people that late, so was tired in the morning, lol.

Saturday night Ben had a party, and Natalie and I were invited.  I went, Nat wouldn’t as a protest (why should she go to his party when they couldn’t be bothered to go to hers?).  It wasn’t great, and I think she should be glad she didn’t go.  Nothing much happened, just a lot of people sitting about, playing guitars, with music, and then a bit of Mario Cart and Golden Eye on the N64.  That was until a bit later.  I was thinking about coming home for 12, but I changed my mind. Now I wish I had done.  At about 12.30 Neal and Gary went out to have a quick spliff (when they did, Tim and I knew something was going to go wrong…just knew it).  When they came back they brought in a nice smell of weed into the room, and Neal went up to the toilet, and came down looking awful.  He lay in the front room for about a minute, before running towards the door and throwing up in the porch over Tim and Scott’s trainers.  It must have been the drugs on top of the Alcohol which did it.  Anyway, we cleaned up, and got the trainers in the washing machine (which thankfully was a tumble dryer as well, lol).  Neal fell asleep on the toilet then, apparently, so they brought him down, and he slept in his sleeping bag on the bench outside, luckily it was one of those which could keep you warm in the alps and things, lol.  When the washer finished for the first time we couldn’t get the thing open – it had no handle on the door to open it with!  There did appear to be a place where a button should have been, so I poked about in that with a spoon handle until it opened, it was quite amusing.  We thought you could write a joke about it – how many guys does it take to open a washing machine?  Well, there were 5 of us, and we couldn’t…for a while.  It also made for various jokes about going up and asking Emma if she could open it (things like ‘Emma, we need your help – as the only woman here, we need you to open the washer’)…it was funny at the time 😉  I went home after the second lot of trainers had finished (one of Ben’s trainers which we missed for the first lot).  That was about 6.15am, everyone but Gary had gone to sleep, and I was getting fed up with him talking constantly (still under the influence I guess, lol), and I don’t sleep at other people’s houses, I never have done.

So that was Saturday night, and just about the whole week.  This week I don’t plan to do anything, until Thursday when we are all off to Epping Forrest for the Big Youth Theatre Festival.  It should be good fun, I’m looking forward to it.

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awwwwww!!!!! *huggles*

Posted on 15th Jul 2002 at 12:00 pm by Princess Amber.


Posted on 15th Jul 2002 at 12:00 pm by starre.

hey i haven’t talked to you in forever! i hope you are doing well 🙂 sorry i’m such a terrible OD buddy i haven’t come to your diary in FOREVER! i hope to talk to you soon! take care, loves~

Posted on 15th Jul 2002 at 12:00 pm by Tink*Bell.

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