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With all this doing nothing, I haven’t been here to update!  Well, here we go, not all that interesting, but worth a quickie…

So whats been up, not much to be honest – I have been seeing Natalie a lot, I stayed over at her house on Wednesday because it was her dad’s birthday and her parents wanted me to(!!), and I stayed last night too because her parents went out for a meal for her dad’s birthday, and we looked after her brother (who is 12, but its a good excuse to stay over there, lol).  We watched ‘Meet the Parents’ which was quite amusing…we were going to watch ‘What Women Want’ but it was on at 8 and we weren’t really wanting to snuggle down by then, so we waited until 9 (this was on Sky Premier).  Today we didn’t do anything really — stayed in bed until late, then we were going to go for a walk but it rained and then when we were going to wander to the shop (just for some sweets and to get out), her mum panics because her brother wasn’t back from swimming 7 hours after they went (he just spent the day out in the end, then went to his friend’s house after, but she was worried).

I don’t know if I wrote last weekend, I don’t think I did, so:  Natalie and I went to York on Saturday just for a day out, which was really nice, we picked the day with the nice weather.  Went on the tour bus, and wandered about.  We were going to go into the castle museum, but by the time we went it had a big queue and it was quite late, and she wanted to take me down into the dungeons, but I wasn’t going anywhere near them (yes, I’m pathetic, but I don’t like that kind of thing!).  On the Sunday we went to Medowhall to get her dad a present, and we bought him an electricity ball (you know, the kind that the electricity comes to your fingers when you touch it), he really liked it.

She is coming here tomorrow so that she can avoid having to make lunch for her dad and brother and his friend (she was dropping hints in a conversation she was having about being invited out so she might not be able to, lol).

Exam results come out on Thursday, not looking forward to that in the slightest…not one bit.  I think the computing will be good, sociology I think I might have bluffed my way though, physics I have no clue, and Maths I am sure I have done terribly in, really sure I have done badly.  Only have to wait until Thursday at 12 to find out…if I don’t just stay in bed that day, and the next, and the next…hehe.

That’s about it I think.  I’ll write again if anything happens, or I remember something else…well, actually there is something else, but I don’t know how to write it, I will do…but I will update more often, lol!

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not looking forward to results..AT ALL!! However, on a positive note, the paper said they are the best in 20years. Lets hope!!! I reckon im gonna get ADD but i really want ABC. *fingers crossed* (cept its too late for that now, shoulda revised properly etc 🙁 )

Posted on 12th Aug 2002 at 12:00 pm by She Who Daydreams.

I’m sure you did fine on your exams!!! =) Good to see you and Natalie are doing well. Love ya, hun!!!

Posted on 12th Aug 2002 at 12:00 pm by Princess Amber.

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