First public release of Syndicate Out

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The first public release — version 0.2 — of Syndicate Out has been made available.  It is downloadable from the plugin directory.

I’d love to hear feedback and suggestions either here or over on the project page.

Posted on Monday 20th July, 2009 at 12:45 pm in Syndicate Out.
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Introducing Syndicate Out

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Here at Fubra we run a number of blogs — some personal, some corporate, some based on a specific site — the majority of which we’re in the process of migrating over to  In addition to this quite a few of our staff members maintain their own external blogs.  It’s fair to say that Fubra loves blogs.

With all this going on it can sometimes become a bit of a nightmare keeping tabs on what’s been posted where, not to mention managing posts which could quite legitimatly be posted across a number of our blogs.  To help us ease this process we’ve deloped a simple WordPress plug in  which syndicates the contents of our individual blogs into whatever other blog we want using WordPress’ built in XMLRPC functionality.  This plugin is called ‘Syndicate Out’.

The plugin will soon be available to download via the WordPress Plugin Directory, and I’ll keep this blog updated with the latest developments.

Posted on Friday 17th July, 2009 at 1:06 pm in Syndicate Out.
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