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I’ve just made public the release of version 0.6 of the Syndicate Out WordPress plugin.  The latest version can be downloaded from the plugin repository.

This release adds a couple of the outstanding things on the long-term roadmap (custom field syndication, making the plugin clear up after itself when uninstalled via the WordPress uninstall system), as well as bringing with it a slew of bug fixes.  The full changelist follows:

  • Added custom field syndication functionality.
  • Added delete operations to uninstall routines.
  • Fixed a major bug when syndicating categories.
  • Reworked major sections of the options sanitation routine to fix a bug related to first saves (thanks Kevin).
  • Reworked the decision making logic around new and edited posts.
  • Corrected some malformed markup in the settings pages.

Hopefully this release will fix a few of the reported problems which have, up until now, been the cause of a number of questions and complaints.  I’m edging towards a full version 1.0 release.

As always, I’m keen to hear about any problems people encounter with this release, or any ideas people would like to see in future releases.

Posted on Saturday 13th February, 2010 at 2:49 am in Syndicate Out.
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Hi Jonathon,

This looks like a great plug in – but before I download and donate – please can you let me know it will do the following (sorry, I can’t dechire an explicit answer from your notes):

I run one wordpress CMS which contains a blog as well as several pages, and is hosted with Go Daddy on a share server. If I want to replicate this site (using exactly the same theme), x ten but don’t want to have to add/copy and paste, the same new blog post each time to the nine new sites. Will Synidcate Out allow me to authmatically ‘push’ a new post out the other nine new blogs automatically and is it possible to configure it so that the format is exactly the same for each site?

Please clarify – many thanks in advance.

Posted on 28th Feb 2010 at 1:38 pm by Adrian.

Hi Adrian, it sounds like the plugin will do what you want. Once set up the plugin uses XMLRPC calls to push any new posts to each of the configured blogs, based on the plugin configuration. You can set it to send all new posts, or just ones which are put into specific categories, and these options can be configured for each blog or group of blogs.

I hope that helps clear things up.

Posted on 28th Feb 2010 at 9:26 pm by Jonathon.

Hey Jonathan, great plugin!
The issue I have had is
If I have a blog with a post in:
Computers > Games
and a second blog which it sends to, with 2 categories:
Computers > Games
The article ends up in Games and NOT Computers > Games

Secondly another really useful function would be that if it cannot find a category for the post in the receiving site, then the post is NOT submitted to the second blog.

Are these two possible to add/fix?

Posted on 8th Mar 2010 at 10:57 am by jp.

Thanks for the feedback. I can see why the post would end up in the higher level category, and I’ll investigate if there’s a way of preventing this.

With regard to your second point: I’ll look into the possibility of doing this, but I suspect it’ll be quite tricky — as a one-sided plugin, once the post is in the hands of the remote blog, there’s not much I can do with it. It might be possible to implement something on the source blog side using the category list functionality in the remote XML-RPC prior to transmitting the post.

Posted on 8th Mar 2010 at 11:41 am by Jonathon.

Another issue, I have just noticed is that the article is posted by the user account associated with the Syndication plugin, rather than the original. Is this a limitation of wordpress/xmlrpc? A workaround I used was to create an additional field, and enter the author name there (and use the get_post_meta). It might be a case that the only way round this is to have a plugin on the receiving wordpress blog! Not sure if this may be a little bit off the original intention of your plugin tho. I have an example plugin for the receiver end that I found on another website if it is of interest to you.

Posted on 8th Mar 2010 at 1:39 pm by jp.

Any chance to get this working in WPMU? I am kind a noob but what url do I use? .com/xmlprc.php? or?

Posted on 7th Apr 2010 at 12:54 pm by Russ.

I have done some development work with this plugin on WPMU, and it should work. If the WPMU install is based around subdomains then you can just give the plugin the subdomain address (ie., or full domain if using the domain plugin, and that should work. I’ll look into how the plugin behaves when interacting with WPMU set up to use subdomains.

Posted on 15th Apr 2010 at 9:16 am by Jonathon.

Hi Jonathon,

Is there anyway to configure this plugin to post an excerpt and a link back to the original site of publication, rather than just repostint the entire original post?

Posted on 1st Jun 2010 at 5:52 pm by Colin.

Thank you for creating such a handy plugin!

I have a suggestion for a feature that stems from my particular use of Syndicate Out, but others may find it helpful as well.

I have two blogs; the first was created on, the second is self-hosted and is now my primary blog.

Since my blog on still gets a few hits and I’m reluctant to orphan that blog completely, I’d like to syndicate articles originating from the new self-hosted primary blog to my blog, but not in their entirety.

My suggestion would be to have an option in Syndicate Out that will publish to the destination blog just an excerpt of the article, and a modified “Read more” break that links back to the source blog.

If an excerpt does not exist, one is dynamically generated according to the first “X” number of words as specified by the user.

I’m currently accomplishing the above task by using an intermediate aggregate blog which formats the incoming articles in the manner specified above (using an RSS plugin with the above described feature) before passing them on to the blog using Syndicate Out.

If Syndicate Out incorporates this feature, I could eliminate the intermediate aggregate blog altogether and syndicate straight from the source/primary blog to the blog.

Posted on 23rd Aug 2010 at 1:37 pm by Mike.

Hello! What you need to add a script that, when Crossposting remained a link to the original post?

Posted on 15th Sep 2010 at 8:38 am by Alex.

Hi Jonathan,

thanks for your great plugin, which we are testing right now pushing posts to a Drupal based xmlrpc.php.

I have a question about the categories: We need to transmit values from a “custom field” in WordPress, which we are using to identify / categorize the post on the remote site.

In our RSS Feeds we just used e.g:
$key=”BANANA-ID”; echo get_post_meta($post->ID, $key, true);

Do you know, how resp. where i have to modify the code to get this done with your plugin ?

Thanks in advance,


Posted on 15th Oct 2010 at 1:53 pm by MC.

It isn’t working with WP MU subdomains. Example: and

I added and then checked with a test post. It worked. Now I add and put up a new post. The post got syndicated to and failed at

I do not understand what problem this is.

Posted on 14th Nov 2010 at 6:03 am by Harry.

Hi Jonathon,

I am using this on WP multisite 3.0 and it seems to work perfectly. The only issue I am having is that when I click the button to add a new server, nothing happens except a message that says “settings saved”. I can add groups no problem, just not new servers to an existing group. Any ideas?

Posted on 30th Nov 2010 at 8:05 pm by Colin.

Hi, Looks like a useful plugin – thanks for posting it. You say you “Reworked the decision making logic around new and edited posts” – could you clarify this area. Is there a way to make it syndicate old posts, and what happens if I edit a post. Thanks

Posted on 8th Dec 2010 at 5:07 pm by Steve.

Hi, Is this supposed to work with the latest wordpress? (3.1)? I have the latest install on both blogs and cannot get this to work. I have tried putting in FTP information, administrator info, and author info, or all at the same time. Nothing I do works. Any suggestions?

Posted on 19th Apr 2011 at 4:12 pm by scott.

Hi Scott. To be honest with you I’m not sure. I haven’t done any work on this plugin for a while. I will have a look and let you know. Thanks for your comment.

Posted on 22nd Apr 2011 at 2:33 am by Jonathon.

hi,Jonathan.i like your plugin.but does it can sync comments such like xpost plugins do?i have try the xpost plugins,it can sync the comments,but it can’t working like your plugins do that A-category to A blog,B-category to B blog.can u explore the sync comments?thanks and sorry my poor english

Posted on 19th Jun 2011 at 9:01 am by Ming.

Hi Ming. No, currently it does not sync comments. It’s an interesting proposal, but I’m not sure off the top of my head if this is possible with WordPress’ XML-RPC. As my plugin operates only on the originating blog my hands are a little tied by those capabilities. I was thinking of adding optional support for installing the plugin on both sides of the conversation to add additional optional functionality, and that would certainly make this feature a possibility.

I’m currently doing refresh on my other plugin, but I will add this to the request list for this plugin when I look at it again. Thank you for your suggestion.

Posted on 19th Jun 2011 at 9:31 pm by Jonathon.

Hi Jonathan. Great idea for a plugin! I was searching for a way to do exactly this for WP multisite, so I could set up a blog to use as a search engine for the site members. However, there’s some things I need it to do, such as being WP 3.1 compatible and syndicating pages, comments and pretty much anything else that can be synced 🙂 My project has a budget so next time you go to do enhancements, I’d like to talk to you about supporting your work on the new features. You can email me at my antispam address and I’ll reply with a regular one 🙂
Just FYI, re Ming’s question about comments, I found they are supported under XMLRPC as of WP 2.7 –

Thanks for making this!

Posted on 21st Jun 2011 at 2:21 pm by dains.

Hi Jonathan!
This seems like a great plugin and I am pleased to tell you that it works with WordPress 3.2. Thanks for your efforts!
However, I am having problems getting this plugin to push out posts that are created with either WP-O-MATIC, WPeMATICO, WP-ROBOT, or others.
It will push out posts that are fetched (from feeds) manually, but not on a cron job. If you could give me some guidance as to where to look, I might be able to fix this, since I can code in php.
I’m really not even certain if the problem lies with yur plugin or the others and how they create posts.
Thanks in advance,

Posted on 11th Jul 2011 at 11:12 pm by Brian Brown, Ph.D..

I’m pleased to hear that, thanks for confirming it I didn’t get chance to test it with 3.2 yet. I’m hoping to give this plugin some work over the next few weeks now I have the latest release of my other plugin out there.

I will do some investigation into those other plugins. Off the top of my head I’d guess it’s something to do with the way those plugins publish the posts, but I’ll have a look into it. Thanks.

Posted on 15th Jul 2011 at 10:56 am by Jonathon.

Thanks for your reply Jonathan! I think trying it with wp-o-matic would be the best bet since it is so popular (although not really supported by the author anymore). And wpematico is, supposedly, based on wp-o-matic, according to the author, but he’s storing his data in the wp-options table, which wp-o-matic doesn’t do.
I’m wondering if it has something to do with a user with posting privileges being logged in, since all posts get published via a cron, but only the posts that are manually fetched in admin are pushed out via rpc.
Thanks for your help on this, Jonathan.

Posted on 15th Jul 2011 at 4:15 pm by Brian Brown, Ph.D..

I probably should have explained my scenario. I am trying to fetch and post articles from one “dummy” server to another “live” server. I am doing this because of memory/processing constraints. This is for a non-profit charity (Mohandas Gandhi’s family) and they have financial constraints, so a dedicated server/virtual private server is not an option. I hope that makes sense. This works well this way, but not using cron.
I hope that this makes sense. Yours is the only WordPress plugin that I could find that even approached what I need.
Thanks again!

Posted on 15th Jul 2011 at 6:58 pm by Brian Brown, Ph.D..

Hi Jonathon,

I’d first like to echo how thankful I am to you for making this plugin. There just isn’t anything else like it.

I can confirm what Dr. Brown mentioned about the plugin not pushing out certain types of posts. Basically, anything published by any other means than the “regular” way of creating posts won’t get syndicated. For example, a post scheduled to publish at some point in the future, or a post created by another plugin.

If a post created by a plugin is created to be in “draft” status, and you then manually change the status to “published” in the admin, the post is syndicated upon the status change. So that’s a bit of a workaround – just create posts in “draft” status and then manually edit the status in the admin. However, as I mention above, it only works for posts that will go live as soon as they are published – not scheduled posts.

So if scheduled posts could be syndicated when they are created, that would get you very far down the right road, I think. Then, the remote blog would publish them at the proper moment.

As to the question of a user being logged in, I don’t believe that helps. I’ve been logged in on both blogs and the posts are not pushed out.

Thanks again for all your work on this great plugin!

Posted on 24th Jul 2011 at 9:01 am by Matt Gordon.

jonathan, great plugin. is there any way to make WP’s “Read More” link to the originating blog?

In other words, we’re trying to cross-post just the intro text from one blog to another. We want the ‘read more’ link in a post to point to the origin blog. make sense?

Posted on 22nd Sep 2011 at 11:24 pm by Leander Kahney.


This plugin rocks – quick question. Syndicate out seems to only work when the user at the remote blog has the role of administrator. Is there a way to make it work with lesser user roles as to let post get reviewed at the target blog before actually being published?

Posted on 11th Apr 2012 at 5:05 pm by Jeremy.

Interesting, I’m not sure I have tested that very much. I hope to have some time to work on the plugin at the end of this month / start of next month, and I’ll have a look into this then.

Posted on 10th May 2012 at 5:12 pm by Jonathon.

Hi Jonathan –

I like you plugin a lot and have used it for a while now. There is only one thing missing: the possibility to add a line at the bottom after the content where one could fill free text or code (like a copyright line with a link to the original post). If you could build that into the next update, that would be really great and I would appreciate it! (I honestly hope there will be more updates after all this time!)

By now I add that line manually at the receiving blog each time after a post is made. However, every time an update is made to the original posting, the line is gone again…

Can you help?

Posted on 8th May 2012 at 9:06 am by Ralf Heinrich.

Thanks for the suggestion Ralf. I have a list of things I’d like to add to the plugin and I hope to find some time to work on it again the end of this month / start of next month. I’ll add your suggestion to the list!

Posted on 10th May 2012 at 5:11 pm by Jonathon.

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