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Well then, I’m in college and have just had an exam (well, I say just but that’s not quite true – it finished at 10.30 and its now 11.20, but I haven’t done anything in between.  There was supposed to be a physics lesson at 10.45 so I sat outside the room waiting until about 10 to 11 when the biology teacher came out and said she hadn’t seen Duncan, so she rang through to the office to see if he was in.  He isn’t – he is ill.  So I wandered up to see if I could find Fiona and tell her that I didn’t want to wait about for an hour and a half until General Studies with nothing to do…I couldn’t find her at all so I was about to go when she came round the corner.  I said to her that I was probably going home, but she pretty much begged me to come to the lesson, so I said I would do…and I thought I would come in here to do this to fill in the time…so here I am!).

The exam today was alright although much harder than the past year’s papers we had looked at.  I think I got most of it alright, but I know there are some I had to sort of make an informed guess about which I might not have got full marks on.  Tomorrow I have general studies, so its just a case of being able to write sensibly on whatever subject they give us, and I think I should be alright there.  The one I am dreading is the Physics exam on Monday.  It’s hard.  I can resit if I need to, but really I don’t want to be faffing about with even more exams in June I have enough already (including two more hard physics ones :-\  So I have a hard revising weekend ahead I think!
I haven’t been doing much other than that, I haven’t really had time, I suppose that I will get to doing more after the exams, and the Theatre School performance will start to develop (which reminds me I think I was supposed to know my lines for this Saturday, but I haven’t touched them…then again they should be used to it, I never do until much closer the time, lol).

Natalie and I have been together a year on Tuesday – the 28th.  I dont know if we will get to see each other though, I hope so, I’d like to see her then because I won’t get to see her much over the weekend, just on Saturday until she goes to work.  I miss her.

Hmmm, well I don’t think I can think of anything else to write about now…sooo, I will see if I can find anything else to do for the next 45 mins…and then if general studies is a waste of time (as usual) I will be soo…ooooooh, lol.

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ahh, don’t you just love exams. ugh we just had finals this week thank bob they were easy. l8er g8er

Posted on 23rd Jan 2003 at 12:00 pm by PlasticWhistleFace13.

I quit college. It sucked.

Posted on 23rd Jan 2003 at 12:00 pm by PsYcHoTiC*PiXie.

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