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Yep, I did go and see the film (he says almost a month after writing about going to see it).  I really liked it, and I am trying to find a time to go again, but its not really on at very convenient times anymore (at least not or bargin days, lol).

Yes, I know, its been too long again, and I have been meaning to write this for about a week now, but just have never got around to it.  Im making myself catch up now while I have the time to spare – I’m sitting in college trying to fill in the time I have spare from my cancelled physics lesson.

I had an exam this morning.  It was a maths one.  Mechanics.  Fun.  At least I was entered for it, that’s one thing to be grateful for (at least I sat it even if I wasn’t entered for it…and come to think of it, I don’t know if I was, because my name wasn’t on the list the invigilator had :-\ ).  Anyway…I haven’t been taking maths lessons this year, but our maths tutor (Joy) knew I wanted to sit the exams.  I had talked to her way back after summer about it, and she has written to Exeter, when they asked if I was taking it, to tell them I was.  Still, when my exam entries came though sure enough there were no maths exams on it.  So we got onto the college.  My father rang after a number of days of it ‘slipping my mind’ (yes, ok, I admit, I didn’t talk to her because I just know that she would have brushed me off with excuses, been patronising (as she is), and not been at all helpful).  She invited us in to talk about it with her.  My father and I had a chat before hand and decided that I might as well go for it because I can’t get a worse qualification than I have (slightly strange how the system of A/S A2 works here), and it wouldn’t do any harm if I had a shot at it (I wasn’t going to dedicate so much time to it that I did worse on the other subject I am taking).  So we went in and told her just that.  Not surprisingly she tried to talk me out of it (I think partly because she had forgotten to do the entry and so it would cost the college about £60 for a late entry)…but I wasn’t moving, and my father let me do the talking and finally make up my mind.  Having convinced her that I wanted to do it, she gave me some mock papers and sent me on my way to do them in my own time (this is to bear in mind that I only had about a week until the exam).  I did one, with help from my notes, and marked it, got another one, tried it with no notes, and didn’t do well.  I gave up with running through past papers.  Yesterday I set down to really working on it – I went through the syllabus and ticked off what I could do, then with the things I couldn’t, looked at my notes and tried out some of the exercises I had on them.  This actually seemed to work, and I was surprised how much I could remember after looking at them for a while.  So today, first thing, I sat the exam.  I was amazed at how much of it I could do, and really, I came out of the exam happy (not right, not good, not normal, lol).  Still, I suppose the proof is in the final result – however much I thought I did well, we will see in the end :-\

So I only have another 2 maths ones (stats and pure), my physics ones (one more practice – I have done 2 already) and two written ones, Politics and computing.  Actually talking of computing, I should go to it right now, and I’m no where near finished with this entry :'(  I think I will leave it here, and carry on tonight when I get back home and wake up…looking forward to it already, hehe.

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Hey i have returned your favour of adding you also to my faveourites. So why do you not think guys are all that hassle? You must think the same about girls at times! What advice would you give to a girl to please her guy and what do you expect to get from your girl?

I am sorry but i live in Scotland so i dont go by the same like classing of years as england but anyway i have just gone into 5th year so i think that MIGHT be year12. So what is your next show at youth theatre?

Posted on 20th May 2003 at 12:00 pm by star24.

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