A day which may decide my whole future…

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Ooooh, did I do the failing to update again?  Hmm, oops 😉  I have an excuse though…exams and things!  Well then, if this works, here we go…

I think today might have decided the rest of my life.  I had 6 hours of exams – Politics and Maths.  My uni offers both take these A/S levels into account (to different extents) as well as my full A-Levels.  The thing is I’m not too worried about my A-Levels (hmm, he says) because computing is alright, and Physics has got better since I had my extra private tutor…but the A/S levels have been kind of rushed, in fact, I have had no maths lessons at all this year.  Anyway, I found out yesterday that I had a timetable clash with maths and politics this afternoon (long story, I will tell it some other time), so we contacted college and they arranged for me to do the politics exam this morning and the maths this afternoon and be supervised over lunch (so I didn’t go telling anyone who was doing the politics at the proper time what was on the papers).  Not so much fun to say I had a day to revise the hardest paper for the hardest subject I’m doing (the Pure Maths module this is).

The exams were interesting (well the politics ones were), I actually quite enjoyed them to some extent.  They didn’t seem too hard (hmm, famous last words, lol).  The maths was…well…awful.  I think I did really badly 🙁  *sigh*  I guess we will wait and see.  I just hope that I did well enough in the mechanics module before the holidays to pull me through that.  I have stats still to do as well, so finger crossed… :-\  I don’t have an exam tomorrow, but one on Thursday (Stats), and one on Friday (Physics)…so its onto them and no dwelling on the past.

Right, I think I should head to bed and sleep now (and I still haven’t written about the holidays like I wanted to…I will make sure I do soon!).

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ah – the dreaded maths and politics modules, my thoughts are with you!! (sorry for the randomness of this note – but when you come across someone who does those two subjects as well as yourself (given that there are 2 of us in my entire 6th form), i feel a need to commiserate!).

ps. pure maths is never as bad as you think!

Posted on 3rd Jun 2003 at 12:00 pm by little*lost*angel.

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