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So here we go, I have finally updated here…sorry its been so long, I have thought about it, but just not got round to it (or not been in the mood)…and I have been working on this since Friday evening, lol).

Hmm, what is there to say.  Well, its been the holidays this last week so I haven’t been in college (obviously, lol), but I have been working on things for my UCAS form.  I got the personal statement done before we finished on Friday, and showed it to Kevin who suggested a few improvements to it, which I did that day, and then brought it home for my parents to have a look though…and they have come up with even more things to put in it *sigh* …still, its all for the better 🙂  I think I have most of my choices for uni’s pinned down as well – York, Durham (hmm, which I’m not too keen on at the moment because of the accommodation, but still putting it down), Lancaster, Exeter (which is a long way south, and I would be a long way from Natalie :'( ), and Dundee.  I still need to get a 6th one, and I think it should be my insurance one – with lower grades so I know I will get in there if nowhere else!  So I am all set to rush off to a computer room when we get back to college and fill it all on so they can get it off nice and soon, lol.

Still on Uni type things, Natalie and I went off to York St John’s on Wednesday, and we were quite impressed.  The place seems like a nice little college (its part of the Uni or Leeds, but in York), and I think she really wants to go there.  About the only thing we didn’t much like is the catered accommodation on the main campus.  It’s not too much of a loss though because I don’t think she was thinking of staying in catered accommodation.  The night before I stayed at her house, so that we could get there more easily, and she stayed at my house on Sunday night, just for the fun of it, lol.

The rest of the week I have done not much.  I got some work done last night when I was at home, and I have done some politics for my fathers section of the course (he is doing electoral systems with me and Kevin is doing the rest, lol), and I need to do an essay for Kevin yet.  I suppose I will do that tomorrow night, or maybe Sunday (nothing like leaving it to the last minute, lol). <— When did I start to write this entry(?!), well, its Monday now, and surprise, surprise, I did it all on Sunday night 😉

I was just thinking today how quickly winter has come on (it’s the clocks changing that makes it all more obvious, but other things too).  It seemed like just one day the trees all changed and the leaves began to fall.  Then it got colder quickly, and that was it.  Now the weather is awful (I didn’t sleep well on Friday night because of the wind blowing round Natalie’s house (its noisy in the wind there, but really quiet here so I’m not used to it!)), and the house has got cold again (old houses, lol).

This month seems to have gone really quickly, which is good in some resepcts, but bad in others – for one, it means I need to get myself into gear about things to buy for Christmas (I said I would go shopping with Natalie), but also because I have exams in January, and I dont think I will be anywhere near ready for them!  I’m re-sitting parts of the maths exam to see if I can pull my self up from last year…and I am also re-sitting some of my physics (waves and nuclear physics module), while taking another physics one, and a computing one as well.  I think out of all of those the computing shouldn’t be too much of a problem, but the Physics and maths might be.  I’m alright with the stuff in the waves and nuclear section from last year because of my tutor (when he explains things they make sense(!)  I don’t know if that means that I benefit from one-to-ones very well, or if it is a bad thing for the college…but one way or another I understand it, lol), so that should be not too bad either.  This year’s physics is another story though, its hard – its remembering the formula basically.  We discovered that is one of my problems, that I understand things in principal, but when it comes to knowing what the formula for the mathematical modeling is, I’m just not good.  I think the same is for the maths from last year, and I haven’t done any work on that really yet, I need to actually get some of that and have a good look, then cross my fingers (maybe it all boils down to the fact that I’m not very good at maths, but whatever, I am determined to better my results!).  So that’s all for January (heh, isn’t it going to be a fun Christmas working on all that for the exams :-\ ).

And now I think I have covered everything I should have done in the last few weeks when I have failed to post.  If there is anything else that springs into my head while I am in bed, or at college, I’ll come back and say it…but from now on I am going to update more often…really…I am (where have we heard that before, lol), but I will do!

But first, sleep – its back to college tomorrow (hmmm, today), and its quarter to 1 already, sooooooo…

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*yay* good to finally hear from you!!!

Posted on 27th Oct 2002 at 12:00 pm by Only_Hope.

My UCAS form is all completed. College must have sent it off at the start of half term cos ive received a letter off UCAS acknoledging that theyve received it.
Ive applied to
Aston (Birmingham)
I want lancaster or second choice aston, they want ABB and BBB so after that i go to clearing .eeeek.!

Posted on 27th Oct 2002 at 12:00 pm by She Who Daydreams.

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