Time for a long update!

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I actually don’t know when the last time I wrote in here was, or what I put, so you will have to excuse me if I say things again, but I will try not to 🙂

Well, since I broke from college I have to say I don’t feel to have stopped (not that it was that long ago).  Wednesday when we finished I saw Natalie for the evening, and then came back to do some college work.  Thursday I didn’t see her, and I needed to get some more presents for Christmas, so I set off at about twenty past 8 to get into Halifax and get the 9.10 bus to White Rose (I thought I would go there, because I might be able to get what I wanted for my mum’s birthday, and maybe my parent’s Christmas presents, and some ideas for my grandma…in the end I came back with none of those).  I got there about 5 to 10, and set about looking round all the department stores for a choppy thing that my mum wanted.  None of them had one.  I wandered about a lot, looked in HMV at the DVDs and some music, bought none of it (actually I thought I would buy one as a present to my self if I got all my shopping done that day…but I didn’t, so I didn’t get a treat, lol), then went on to Woolworths where I bought a chocolate orange for everyone who will be in our house on Christmas day, and then on to Clinton’s for my mum’s birthday card and some more wrapping paper.  I had some lunch, and then set off home again.  I was back by 1 which was quite impressive (hmm, I say that, but it was a long time to buy some chocolate oranges, lol).

When I got home on Thursday I had some post to open (it came after I set off in the morning).  One of the letters was from Lancaster Uni.  They made me an offer!  I don’t actually know what it is yet, because I have to wait for UCAS to get back to me with that, but I know they made me an offer because they wrote to me to tell me and invite me to an open day.  Yey.  Actually, they have one of the courses that I am most interested in, and I know a lot of people who also want to go there – Natalie and Geraint.  I think it would be great if we all ended up there together…sorted for a house at least, lol.

Thursday night I stayed with Natalie.  It was a lovely evening, we lay together for a lot of it and she read to me.  I like her reading to me, I don’t know why, but I like cuddling up to her and her reading to me (even if I wouldn’t normally read that sort of thing myself).  Friday I went to the Doctors with her, and then came home…to do more college work (I have exams in January, so I am trying to get lots of work done over the holidays to work up to them – after all I want to get to the places that make me offers!).

I didn’t see Natalie today because we decorated our Christmas tree, and shopped, and defrosted the fridge.  Actually, I did a lot today, and I have been up for about 15 hours none stop which is pretty good for me (usually I sleep in the afternoon for a few hours), and I don’t actually feel tired…still I think I will sleep in tomorrow.  I spoke to Natalie tonight – she rang me which was nice.  Its a nice feeling inside when I can talk to her, I like it a lot.
So, tomorrow I plan to sleep in for a while, then do some more college work (then I think that will be it until after Christmas day), and I’m going to see Natalie in the evening (I’m meeting her at four), and we are going to stay the night here, and she is going to come with me on Monday to get my final presents for people…I’m not usually this badly organised actually – I usually have it all sorted out by now, but I haven’t this year (I don’t think I have ever been out on the day before Christmas eve to get things!), but I have it all under control, its sorted out…or will be on Monday.  I will have everything!

I don’t know if I am working on Boxing day, it would be nice to know, so I think I will try ringing on Monday (maybe call in if they aren’t too busy when we go past), and see if he can tell me…I should hope so, seeing as it is Thursday!  Oh, and my mum is meeting my Grandma on Monday in Leeds.

Other than that, and needing a shave (I don’t think I have had one for about a week now, lol), I think I have covered everything going on.  I might go and have a bath now…but its a bit late.  We shall see.  Maybe tomorrow morning I will have a shower.

And I should be off.  Hope you are all alright, and I hope, if I dont see you before, that you have a good Christmas (actually, I do intend to write in here before then!)!

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yay* IM so glad you left me all the notes!!!! Hope you have a merry Christams! And a happy new year if I dont talk to you. Glad youre doing well.

Posted on 21st Dec 2002 at 12:00 pm by Sexxy D0rkette.

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