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Ahhh then, what has happend since last time…lets see…

Last Wednesday I had a dentist appointment (which I know I mentioned), and I went, and it was alright – my mum rang ahead and they said there was just one form to sign and that was it.  That wasn’t quite true.  There was a form that I had to fill in about my education, and one about my teeth and dental history (and health in general – allergies, etc.).  So I did that, but I didn’t know when I last went to the dentist (which was one of the questions), so I left it – pretended that I hadn’t seen it, and thought that it wouldn’t matter anyway…so as I sat there in the dentists chair (looking up at an areal photo he has of the town on the ceiling), and I saw him reach for the form, have a glance though it and then he asked me when I last saw a dentist.  It was typical – the one thing that I didn’t know so missed off he thought was the most important thing on the form, lol.  I had to admit that I didn’t know, so he must have known I missed it off on purpose (oh well…). So he poked about, talked about taking X-Rays of them…and finally told me that I had some sort of technical cavity in one of my back teeth, and he sat in front of me and asked what I wanted to do about it.  I sort of hummed and harred, but finally said that I suppose I should have it filled (thinking that I could always just not make another appointment if I didn’t want to in the end).  He asked me to sit back again, and I did (not thinking), and he disappeared behind me.  I heard his voice say (something like) ‘Need to do the injection’.  I hate injections.  I just sat up and said ‘no, no, no, no, no’.  He didn’t seem to realise what I said, and then the nurse said ‘No?’.  ‘No’ I said.  So he said ‘well I don’t want you to feel the drilling’…and I sort of stammered ‘umm, then I’d rather not have it done, if you don’t mind’, he asked why, and I told him, and he said that dental injections don’t hurt (that if he put it in like the side of my mouth it wouldn’t, and but that ones at the front and on the jaw are a bit sore), I said they had hurt before…and he asked when I had had dental injections before…I lied and said on my other teeth (I have never had a dental injection – they used like a dissolving piece of chalk then), but I was sort of all defensive by now (hmm, terrified).  He was alright, and said that it was OK.  He took the X-Rays anyway and I waited for them to develop then he showed them to me.  He said that all the four back teeth had decay, but that it was only the one he was worried about.  I sort of said alright, and that I would think about it.  Now the thing is – I don’t want to have any injection at all…really, I’m terrified (I know, I’m 18, but I don’t care, I’m terrified)…so I don’t want to have it done, and my teeth don’t bother me at all, so I don’t see any problem really.  The thing is he said they would get worse, and I don’t want it to get to a stage where I have not had anything done and have to have it (or them) out.  Soooo when my mum goes she is going to ask if there is like any alternative to injection (there must be, mustn’t there?), and if there is I will do that (actually I don’t know when she is going, I need to ask again, lol).

Since then, I have had a Physics resit from last year, and I think it went well – better than last year (thanks to Don, hehe), and now I am working to get a good grade in Unit 4 (you know, it all makes so much more sense when he teaches it to me!).  I have more exams on the 23rd and 27th, so I am going to see Natalie this Saturday night, and I think she is staying here, yey!

Other than that, I have just had a pretty normal week with college and things…I don’t think there is anything special to say at all…oh, I know – I was taxed on the work I did over Christmas.  I wouldn’t have bothered myself, but my father is the kind of person who likes to make sure that things like that don’t happen, so he has rung the tax office and they are sending a form to fill in and I need to get a P45 from Dixons (saying that I’m not employed by them any more – they should have given me one when I finished, but no surprise they didn’t), and send all that off…so I will go and make myself awkward with them, lol.

Oh, and one last thing – the band that I am drummer with (with Ben on Bass, Neal on lead and Scott on other guitar) has entered a competition…or rather Ben entered us – Battle Of The Bands.  It’s in February, and we have to play two songs (shouldn’t be too hard, lol).  We don’t expect to win, but Ben just wants it for the experience (it’s like his little pet project, and I have to admit that it is quite fun to play together because I don’t get chance to play any other time and we are quite good when we get going, but I’m not sure any of the rest of us are quite so keen.  He seems to have to have something to concentrate on all the time, and now he doesn’t have Emma, its that…he wants to make a CD…).

So now I will go to bed in the hope that it cures my headache, and to make sure I can get up again for college tomorrow!

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Hey… I used to hate getting a shot at the dentist… but I don’t even mind it anymore, now that I’ve had 3 teeth filled and 2 needles each, BLAH! I never thought that it hurt that bad just felt funny and a little bit of pressure. You really should do something about your teeth though you don’t want them to get really bad… my brother had some that got really bad and it was icky.

I hope that everything else is going well for you… good luck in the battle of the bands! It sounds exciting 🙂 Let us know how you do! Sorry I haven’t left you a note in forever! I’ll talk to you again soon, loves~

Posted on 16th Jan 2003 at 12:00 pm by Tink*Bell.

Have the injection. Trust me, seriously.

I am TERRIFIED of injections, i didnt have my MMR jab cos i dont likem them and thank GOD, i didnt have to have a TB injection cos my 6needles didnt disapeared so i was naturally innoculated!!!!

Anyways, i didnt go to a dentist for 5 years, up until last yr. Best thing i did. Its quite sdtranger, ive never looked after my teeth, never went to a dentist. Dare i even say that i had a dentist and when i was 11, he struck me off because i wouldnt let him do anything to me!!! How funny! Anyways, i never take care of my teeth, and then i was out one night and one of the really well known good looking guys approached me and we danced etc i na club and he commented on how nice my teeth were and made me show his friend! I couldnt believe it because i never took care then. And he was a rich boy, wore very good clothes and had the most whiest perfect teeth and he was telling me mine were whiter, straighter and better! And id never had a brace (thats the reason the dentist struck me off oc she wanted me to have a brace and i wouldnt let him do it!!) Weird huh.

Anyways iwas saying, i constantly get remarked on my teeth and its ice to be complimented on your teeth.

Get them sorted!!! Ive had 2 fillings in my back teeth (one even had root treatment…VERY painful after the aneasthetic wore off, i was off college for a week)

The injections dont hurt, seriously trust me and im really scared of needles, you dont feel one bit. its all worth it to have nice teeth. Longer you leave it, worse the problem gets

Posted on 16th Jan 2003 at 12:00 pm by She Who Daydreams.

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