Another 6 months

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What a twat.  Excuse my language, but what a fucking twat.

Guess who I’m talking about.  Yeah, it’s Tim.  Dana’s not very well — she’s got a pain in her lower abdominal area which has been bothering her for a few days, and today it got worse.  So she went to the doctor today and they gave her some antibiotics for the infection she’s had, but they also said it might be apendicitis.  That’s a bit worrying in my eyes and I know it can take a turn for the worse very quickly.

She’s gone to his house again tonight and said she might take tomorrow off work (which seems like a good idea if she’s not well).  But what upsets me is that when he came round here to pick her up he didn’t seem to care how she was feeling.  First of all he made a comment about her being desiesed because she wasn’t well.  That might have been a joke to make her feel better, if I were giving him the benifit of the doubt.  But it was other little things — she’s not well and yet he sat on the chair and made her sit on the arm.  She was talking about something, and he just turned and started talking about something totally different with me.  It was just as if he’d lost interest in what she was saying.  How would that make her feel?  If I thought he was doing it on purpous I’d be worried that he was trying to make her feel like she’s not important so that he doesn’t have to worry about giving her any thought of attention.

But I don’t think that’s the case.  I think he just doesn’t realise he’s doing it.  I don’t think he realises that it would make her feel bad.  I don’t think he stops to think about anyone but himself, and that’s the problem.

I met Phil this weekend.  I didn’t intend to but as I was on the way back from a little shopping trip I bumped into Alex who said he was going to meet Phil for a drink and them go on to the cinema.  So I invited myself along.  It was a nice afternoon.  On the way there, having spent all my money shopping and not intending to do anything else, I needed some cash.  So I stopped at a cash machine.  This cash machine was a little bit slow.  I typed in my pin and pressed enter.  It didn’t do anything.  I pressed enter again.  It did something.  I said I wanted some money and no reciept using the buttons down the side of the screen.  It didn’t do anything.  I pressed it again.  It did something.  The next screen was the one which asked me how much money I want.  The amount next to the button I’d pressed twice on the last screen was £100.  As soon as I saw it I turned to Alex and said “I bet it gives me £100”.  I pressed the button next to £30.  It didn’t do anything.  I pressed it again.  It did something.  Out came my card.  Out came £100.  Drinks on me then.

Now I don’t often drink and, following an event in the Cotswolds during summer, I’ve not had a drink for months.  So it doesn’t take much to get me a little tipsy.  When I’ve had a bit to drink I get pretty talkative and the conversation ended up going around to my opinions of Tim.  I don’t mean to keep talking about him, but it bothers me because I care about Dana and I don’t want to see her getting hurt.  I know there’s nothing I can do about it but I’m worried she either won’t see what’s going on or, if she does see there’s something wrong, will come up with all sorts of reasons why it is her fault or is just in her imagination.  Phil agreed in some ways but thinks she will notice and will do something about it.  I really do hope so, I’m not sure I can survive another 6 months tearing my hair out about how little I can do about it…I’m going to try to stop talking about it.

6 months.  Yes.  We agreed to stay living together for another 6 months.  You never know, maybe come the end of the new contact I’ll make an effort to move back up north again.

That’s a post for another day I think.

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