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Hehe, yep, I have been in an earthquake!  I know its not usually something that people are happy about, but it didn’t do much harm, and I was awake when it happen, and its something that not everyone can say, hehe. It was Sunday night, at 12.56, and I was reading on the bottom of my bed (the second in the trilogy that Emma got Natalie the first book of for her birthday – I bought the next two, lol), and I feel it all suddenly shaking. First of all I thought it was my bed falling though one of the floorboards (they are a bit weak, lol), then I realised the radiator was shaking too, so it couldn’t be.  The next though I had was that it was one of the beams moving in the floor – one of the supporting timbers, then I thought it could be the front wall (we had structural work done to it when we moved in, and I thought it could be that).  Next I thought that maybe it was the tunnel that goes under the garden, that maybe it was moving inside…I didn’t think that for long, its not very likely, I don’t think, lol.  I did at one point think it could be an earthquake, but not seriously.  I got up, went to the hall, had a look about, nothing was strange, and so went to bed.  It took a while to get to sleep.  On Monday I woke up, and had forgotten more or less, and went off to college without seeing the news or anything.  At the end of Physics though, I was talking to the tutor about a physics conference that we are thinking of going to as a group, in Birmingham, and she said that they had an earthquake there.

Apparently, it was 4.8. It was the lead story on the news on Monday night – biggest ever in this country that they have reading for.  Anyway, I can say I have been in one…and its all good, because it didn’t do much damage, hehe.
Other than that, I have a job interview.  I finally got the Matalan form back in (or rather my dad did), and they called that night asking when I could go in…so its 2pm tomorrow.  I also have taken in a Dixon’s form…but they haven’t got back to me.  I would rather work there, but I have this Matalan interview, so I don’t know what to do…I’m half hoping they don’t give me a job on the spot, that they say they will get in contact, and that will give Dixon’s a change to recruit my immense skill 😉  If they do give me a job on the spot, should I take it, then if I get one at Dixon’s just not turn up, or should I say I will get back to them…I don’t know…we will seee…hehe.

And thats about it.  I’m hungry so I must go.

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Im just glad youre okay. 🙂 Keep smiling hun..

Posted on 25th Sep 2002 at 12:00 pm by Suicidal Princess.

i was in a tornado once! it was pretty scary. glad you’re ok 🙂

Posted on 25th Sep 2002 at 12:00 pm by starre.

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