Escaping the decorators

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I’m so tired.  I can’t concentrate on what I’m supposed to be doing — I tried to do some work but I just can’t think stright.  On that front it doesn’t help that I don’t have access to the internet on this train.  They call this a main line.

Yes, it’s 8.44am and I’m on the train, just past Rugby, on my way to Lancaster.  The plan was always to get the 6.04 train from Aldershot into London and I did wonder if the early morning was worth it just to get in to Lancaster a bit earlier, but I think I made the right choice — I could hardly breathe in my flat with all the paint fumes around so wasn’t exactly sleeping well anyway.

Talking of paint, the decorators should be busily working by now, and I’ve had no phone calls from them so I guess they got into the flat alright.  That or they are giving today a miss.  I did ensure there was a suitable stone jammed in the main door as I left the building this morning, but I wasn’t sure it would last the course from half five through until eight.

We’ve just gone past a school with all the kids getting ready to start their day.  I was thinking about this yesterday: given my timing and sleeping habbits now, I really don’t know how I managed to make it up for school every day.  We used to all meet up at Ben’s house and do something (watch TV for a bit, play on the N64 or Playstation, etc) before wandering up the hill at about 8.30.  I suppose school days were only six and a half hours long with an hour for lunch, not the 8 hours I’m supposed to work every day now (though usually end up working more), and I did get into the habbit of napping when I got home from my paper round for an hour or so, and I do remeber almost falling asleep in English from time to time.  Maybe that’s how I managed it, maybe it’s not such a mystery.

I’m trying to get into the habbit of sleeping when I get in from work – I really like it, it makes me feel refreshed and then I can stay up that bit later when I have things to work on.  I guess my schedule is a little strange now, but I think I might struggle with going back to working and living ‘normal’ hours.

With all this talk of sleep I’m feeling even more tired.  Maybe I should try to get some sleep while I’m just sitting here, I don’t think I’m going to get much else done and there’s another hour and a half before we get to Lancaster (not to mention the 15 or so hours before I’ll end up getting any more real sleep).  If I get another hour now that’ll take me up to around 7 hours in the last 48 hours.  That’s 41 hours of being awake and what do I have to show for it?  A theatre programme and this blog entry.  Well done me for being so productive.

You know, now I’m hungry.  I guess it is just about breakfast time.

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